NFTS / 4Skills / Duck Soup: Dance School Workshops

Ten Leeds based people  will get the chance of a lifetime, funded by 4Skills and trained by NFTS Leeds to start a new career. You will work on a major new Channel 4 eight-part drama being made by Leeds-based indie Duck Soup, and be paid for 22 weeks.

Applications to become a trainee are via a series of try-out workshops, where you can find out about specific roles. The workshops are being held on Sunday 3rd - Monday 4th July 2022 at the Leeds West Indian Centre, 10 Laycock Place, Chapeltown, Leeds, LS7 3AJ.

You must be over 18 and not have worked in the Screen Industries previously.  No experience is necessary, but to give you an idea of the skills needed for a particular role - see below. List as many workshops that are of interest (each will be about 45-60 mins) and we will tell you which of the two days you need to be there. 


Roles Available:


The Locations team is a key part of any production. From booking medieval castles and stately homes, to sourcing parking for production vehicles, locations are involved in it all!

So if you are:

- Organised
- Computer Savvy
- Have good communication skills

A career in locations could be for you!

Hair & Makeup:

The Hair & Makeup team forms an integral part of all productions, being prepared and on set early is an essential requirement!

So if you are:

- Creative
- Have a hair and makeup background
- Organised

A role on the hair and makeup team could be for you!

Camera & Lighting x 2:

The Camera and Lighting team can turn the darkest of spaces in to something amazing!

So if you are:

- An experienced electrician, looking for a career change (this isn't essential)
- Creative or have a passion for photography
- Enjoy working with the latest technology in a fast paced environment

You could find yourself working in camera or lighting for film & TV!

Art Department:

As a member of the Art Department, you'll be involved in a range of activities that go hand in hand with making a set look fabulous!

So if you are:

- Creative
- Enjoy finding bargains
- Have great communication skills

The Art Department might be for you!

Assistant Directors Dept:

A common misconception is that the AD's simply assist the director, however, that couldn't be further from the truth!

So if you are:

- Great with people
- Organised with the ability to manage multiple priorities
- Have great communication skills

Production Team x 2:

The production team ensures that everything happens when it should! 

So if you are:

- Organised
- Great with people
- Flexible, with a 'can do' attitude

A role on the production team could be just what you're looking for!

Production Accounting:

A production accountant is a key part of the production team. From managing budgets to paying staff, you'll be involved in all financial aspects of a production!

So if you are:

- Working as an accountant and looking for a career change
- Great with numbers and spreadsheets
- A good communicator

You may be suited to a career in production accounting!


The costume teams ensures that all cast members are dressed in the appropriate attire at all times!

So if you have:

- Great attention to detail
- Sewing skills
- Great communication skills

A career in the costume department could await!







Be part of the story.

Be part of the story.

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