16mm/35mm Camera Familiarisation

Course Dates: 3-7 July 2018
Course Tutors: Alex Ryle, Jason Wingrove

Course Overview

This course provides you with 100% hands on practice, using the current 16mm and 35mm camera systems. 

Please bring a torch, scissors, and common sense.

You will be shown loading, lacing, maintenance and assembly of accessories for each camera system.

This course covers

This discussion-based course will cover:

  • Testing and preparation of equipment
  • The roles of 1st and 2nd assistants
  • An overview of lens testing, collimation and camera steady test

Additional information:

This five day course, taught by freelance technicians and supported by Panavision, is designed to de-mystify film camera systems and to teach you how to use the equipment sensibly, knowledgeably and with respect.

What people have said about this course:
"What top quality teaching, equipment and course content...... This course is vital as you wouldn't get this rate of learning as a trainee on set"

Number of places: 8
Duration: 5 days

Freelance Rate: £825
Corporate Rate: £1500

How To Apply

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