NFTS Grads Part of Oscar & BAFTA Winning VFX Team

Digital Effects MA Open Day 17th May

(L-r - Dan Lemmon, Andrew R Jones, Adam Valdez & Rob Legato)

A whole host of NFTS students and graduates were part of the team that won both the Oscar and the BAFTA for Visual Effects for their work on Disney’s The Jungle Book. (If this is your dream, come along to the NFTS Digital Effects MA open day on Wednesday 17th May – more info and sign up here.)

MPC’s lead VFX Supervisor, Adam Valdez, picked up the Oscar on the night along with VFX Supervisor Rob Legato, Animation Supervisor Andrew R. Jones and VFX Supervisor Weta Digital, Dan Lemmon. Adam Valdez visited the School recently to give a masterclass on techniques used in The Jungle Book, which required over 240 million render hours to create! Read more here.

The MPC team that worked on The Jungle Book includes the following NFTS graduates:

Visual Effects Production Manager, Carlos Ciudad; Lead Compositor MPC, Chris Gooch; Stereo Compositor MPC, Graham Dorey; Digital Compositor MPC, Adam Arnot and Stereo Compositor MPC, Victor Almela. Both Graham and Victor worked on The Jungle Book as part of an internship at MPC while studying at the NFTS.

Other NFTS grads who worked on film’s visual effects include Lighting TD, Carlo Alberto Bagliolid, Roto/Prep Artist, Andrew Scattergood and Digital Artist, Helen Brownell.

Carlos Ciudad, who now works for Double Negative as VFX Producer, says: “Being part of both the Oscar and the BAFTA winning digital effects team at MPC is a dream come true; The Jungle Book was a joy to work on and the results created by the visual effects teams speak for themselves. I would encourage anyone with a passion for VFX to apply to study Digital Effects at the NFTS as it offers an excellent pathway into this exciting career.”

For more information about the NFTS Digital Effects MA, please click here and for more information about MPC, please visit


More Major Awards for NFTS Grads!

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(Verna Fields Student Filmmaker Award winners Zoltan Juhasz and Gerry Vazquez)

NFTS Screenwriting MA graduate, Rafael Kapelinski and Sound Design MA graduate, Zoltan Juhasz have triumphed at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival and the Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) Golden Reel Awards respectively. (If you'd like to follow in their footsteps, sign up to one of our course specific open days. Sound Design MA open day is March 24th and Screenwriting is March 30th - more info here!)

Rafael, who graduated in 2015, won the Crystal Bear for the Best Film in the Generation 14 Plus category, for his debut feature film, Butterfly Kisses.

About Butterfly Kisses: Propelled by the rhythm of its powerful soundtrack and imagery, this film awakens a terrifying suspicion in the viewer. Without resorting to simple accusations of guilt, it confronts us with an explosive issue, which our society has so far been unable to resolve. The finely differentiated characterizations inspire profound empathy for the protagonists in the situations they face. From the kaleidoscopic opening sequence onwards, we are captivated by the haunting intensity of this electrifying feature film debut.

A recent NFTS graduate, Zoltan won the Verna Fields Award for Student Film Makers at this year’s Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) Golden Reel Awards, which is recognised as the sound world's equivalent to the Oscars. NFTS students and grads have won this prestigious award an impressive 14 times and been nominated 39 times since 1996 making the NFTS consistently the world's most acclaimed school for sound editing.

Zoltan won for his work as Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer and Foley Artist on NFTS graduation animation, Fishwitch, which is directed by Adrienne Dowling and produced by Hélène Sifre. Zoltan won the 2016 ‘Dolby Award for Best Sound’ for Fishwitch, an award that recognises excellence in sound mixing, editing and design.

Fellow NFTS graduate, Tom Jenkins, was nominated for the same award for NFTS fiction, Those who are lost, directed by Sam McMullen and produced by Millie Marsh, for his work as Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer; ADR and Dialogue Editor; Foley Artist and Music Editor.

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Why Choose Production Management?

Apply by 6th April

We caught up with Production Management for Film and Television Diploma students, Kieran Nolan Jones and Jenny Martin. Both Kieran and Jenny are supported by Sargent-Disc scholarships to help them with their studies. If you are looking to work in film and TV in a Production Management or Production Co-ordinator role, sign up to the NFTS Production Management open day on Monday 6th March to find out more!

Founded in 1986, Sargent-Disc is a family run business specialising in payroll, accounting and software services for the entertainment industries. These services are fundamental to the Production Manager’s role.

Kieran and Jenny gave us a snapshot of some of the activities he has been involved with since starting the course in September:

Kieran: “Since starting I have worked on a vast array of projects spanning many different disciplines. Before I began working on these projects, I participated in a series of seminars and workshops around budgeting, scheduling and location management. This gave me a great insight into the ever-evolving role of a Production Manager and allowed me to understand the job I was about to undertake. My first assignment was working as a Production Coordinator on a Russian Language short fiction film, Nina. Taking over a whole council estate in London, we shot a war based drama over four days with a budget of £4000. A baptism of fire, this experience allowed me to participate in all aspects of production from organising tech recces and transport plans, to catering and casting. This experience built my confidence for my next project, which was a live late night television entertainment show created by the NFTS Directing and Producing Television Entertainment MA students.”

Jenny: “The project I've been working on is part of the 'First Year Film' module and is called The Last Ones to Leave; a 13 minute short about the last two men in a survival camp, after medicine has failed to match the evolution of humankind. It's post-apocalyptic/dystopian and all exterior locations are shot locally in Beaconsfield and Slough. The set is incredible and is inspired by the Lost Boys camp in 'Hook', where every piece of fabric, item and remnants of the camp echoes personalities of the people that lived and died there. It's shot on film and it was a crew of just less than 30. There was a night shoot and we were dealing with water, fire, smoke machines- the lot!” 

“It was a really valuable experience for me and I'm so glad to have been the first to shoot a tech recce, greenlight and shoot within 3.5 weeks of being at the NFTS! I'm now co-Production Managing a quiz show at Sky and sharing some Production Co-ordinator responsibilities on an animation graduation film. I've also been asked to Production Manage a multi-platform interactive game project, so I'm constantly learning and working with lots of new people.”

One of the benefits of studying at the NFTS is the chance to meet and work with students across a whole host of different courses.  As a result of this collaborative environment, Kieran was offered the chance to Production Co-ordinate a NFTS graduation animation project Tete A Tete.

Kieran: “Most recently I have worked as Production Manager on our Expanded Cinema film, Beast In The Bag. Through this project NFTS directors are tasked with stretching their imagination and attempting to push narrative boundaries. My project can be described as a surreal, noir inspired short thriller with darkly comedic undertones. There were no producers working on this particular project so many of the producers' responsibilities fell to the Production Managers. By taking on more experience this project allowed me to be creatively involved in all aspects of production and gain experience in being the sole leader of a film, steer the ship and trouble shoot all issues which arise.”

“As a result of all the experience I have built so far, I have been able to take on freelance work as a Production Manager outside my studies. This has included production managing an independent short film with a budget of £20,000, as well as production managing a short film for Channel 4 starring Dave Johns (I,Daniel Blake). I am currently in pre-production on a high octane virtual reality disaster/horror short film which I will production manage. Without the help I have received from Sargent-Disc I would never have been able to experience all that I have thus far in my NFTS Career, and for all their help and support I will be eternally grateful.”

(This year's Production Management Diploma students on a visit to Panalux!)

For more information on the Production Management for Film and Television Diploma, please visit  and to sign up to the open day, click here.




NFTS Grad Roger Deakins Delights New Students

Discusses Skyfall & working with the Coen Brothers

NFTS’ first year students were treated to a masterful keynote by multiple Oscar nominee and School alumnus, Roger Deakins on their first day as part of Springboard week.

Roger is well known for his work with the Coen Brothers on films such as FargoO Brother, Where art thou? and No Country for Old Men. He has worked frequently with Sam Mendes on the likes of JarheadRevolutionary Road and Skyfall. Roger has also just finished working with Denis Villeneuve on the highly anticipated new Bladerunner movie and has previously worked with the French-Canadian director on Sicario and Prisoners. Nominated for the Academy Award for Cinematography no fewer than thirteen times, Roger has won numerous major awards including Best Cinematography BAFTAs for No Country for Old Men, The Man who wasn’t There and True Grit. Besides the ASC & BSC awards he has received, he was awarded the ASC Lifetime Achievement award in 2011 and the BSC Lifetime Achievement award in 2015. He was awarded the CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2013 Queen's Birthday Honours List for his services to Film.

Roger was accompanied on his visit to the NFTS by his wife and former script supervisor, James Ellis Deakins. James now works as a Digital Workflow Consultant on Roger’s films ensuring the digital work flow is meticulously adhered to. In addition to the keynote, Roger spent time separately with the Directing Fiction students and the Cinematography students, who were given a bespoke lighting masterclass where Roger showed them how to best light the current spaceship set on the NFTS mainstage. He then went for Pizza with them! According to James, Roger has huge affection for the School and wanted to invest this time to give something back. 

(Roger pictured with NFTS Cinematography MA students.)

Another way that Roger gives back can be found at his website, He is frequently on that website’s forum answering questions from the participants.

The keynote was hosted by NFTS Co-Head of Cinematography, Stuart Harris who asked Roger how he came to attend the School. “I left art college and a friend told me about the NFTS. I loved stills photography but thought documentaries could be a good option. I shot 15 films while I was here; I was constantly shooting; it was fantastic for me!”

On his career and working on features, Roger said: “I was lucky to get into features; I would’ve been happy staying with documentaries and shooting features didn’t seem like a possibility to me.”

The students were curious as to how Roger selects the films he works on: “The story is the primary reason for doing something. I want to connect to the material.”

Roger highlighted the importance of understanding the way the director works. “It’s important to judge what the director wants from you beforehand.” The Coen Brothers, for example, storyboard meticulously, which offers a perfect springboard for working out what their vision of the film is”.

Another key theme and learning point for the students was planning and preparation – Roger was keen to stress the importance of the prep period and emphasized the need of being involved in the whole process - choosing locations, set design. “Nothing is worse than turning up on the day of the shoot to find a set the design of which you weren’t involved in and having to figure out how to light and shoot it.”   

Clips from Coen Brothers film, The Man Who Wasn’t There; Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario and Sam Mendez’ Jarhead and Skyfall were used to illustrate certain techniques to the students. Roger let the clips play out and then replayed them without the sound and talked them through in detail.

Roger relayed how something as simple as putting white or silver paper under a lamp will increase the effect of the natural bounce. This was used in The Man Who Wasn’t There.

Jarhead, which Roger describes as “haunting and a really interesting psychological film about war” was “often off the cuff with no rehearsal. I had the camera on my shoulders and just shot. I loved going round people and exploring letting the audience see the world.” Roger used Jarhead to explain how as a cinematographer you need to assess the logistics and practicality of how to shoot certain scenes in advance. For example, one particular scene featuring a horse walking through the desolate landscape had to be shot on a stage whereas others were on location or on set.

The Shanghai apartment fight scene in Skyfall was discussed as it was shot on a stage and lit mainly by the practical LED advertisement screens out of the window. Because the set was composed of glass, it proved quite a challenge.

Roger then talked through how different techniques were used to create tension in Sicario, which was another film that was mostly done on the day with limited storyboarding. “So much of filmmaking is a jigsaw. It might be weeks apart from location to set but it needs to flow and feel like one piece.”

The students showed their appreciation by queueing up for photos with “the legend that is Roger Deakins” and thanking him for his “brilliant talk”. The masterclass was summed up perfectly by one student who simply tweeted after the event: “Amazing man, amazing Q&A.”

If you are inspired to apply for our Cinematography MA, why not sign up to one of our opendays? We have two coming up for Cinematography - more info here.



30 NFTS Grads Credited on Oscar Nominated Films

Stuart Wilson Nominated in Sound Mixing Category for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

(Pictured: Fences Director & star, Denzel Washington with DoP & NFTS alumna, Charlotte Bruus Christensen)

NFTS graduate, Stuart Wilson has received his fourth Oscar nomination with a nod in the Sound Mixing category for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In addition, at least 30 NFTS alumni worked on this year’s Oscar nominated films including Fences and Hacksaw Ridge, which are up for Best Picture. Charlotte Bruus Christensen is DoP on Fences and Evan Jolly is Additional Music Composer on Hacksaw Ridge.

Composing graduate, Dario Marianelli, who previously won an Oscar for Atonement, composed the music for Kubo and the Two Strings, which is nominated for Best Animated Feature and also includes work from Animation MA graduate Steve Warne. Travis Knight, director of Kubo and the Two Strings recently delivered a masterclass to NFTS students accompanied by Arianne Sutner, LAIKA Head of Production and a selection of puppets from the movie – read more here.

Both Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Hail Caesar! are hot contenders for Best Production Design. Alumni working on Fantastic Beasts include Director, David Yates; Stand-by Art Director Huw Arthur; Sound Design Editor, Robert Malone; 2nd Unit Sound Mixer, Ivor Talbot; Pre-Vis/Generalist TD Zach du Toit and Digital Compositor David Sheldon. Hail Caesar! benefitted from legendary DoP, Roger Deakins who has been nominated for an Oscar no fewer than 13 times and is an NFTS alumnus; and Art Director, Cara Brower Leon.

Nominated films in the Best Visual Effects category include Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and The Jungle Book. Rogue One credits the following alumni: Generalist Lead for ILM John Seru; Visual Effects Producer, Ben Lock; Art Directors, Stephen Swain & Steve Lawrence; Junior Draughtsman, Olivia Muggleton; Boom Operator, Michael Lee Taylor and First Assistant Editor, Tom Harrison-Read. The Jungle Book includes credits for: Visual Effects Production Manager, Carlos Ciudad; Lead Compositor MPC, Chris Gooch; Stereo Compositor MPC, Graham Dorey; Roto/Prep Artist, Andrew Scattergood; Digital Artist, Helen Brownell; Digital Compositor, Adam Arnot and Stereo Compositor MPC, Victor Almela.

NFTS Sound graduate, Adrian Rhodes is credited as Sound Editor/ Mixer on Pear Cider and Cigarettes, which is nominated for Best Animated Short.

Meryl Streep is nominated for Best Actress for Florence Foster Jenkins, which was written by NFTS alumnus, Nicholas Martin and credits Editor, Valerio Bonelli; Concept Artist, Elo Soode and Sound Assistant, Michael Lee Taylor.

Good luck to everyone involved; we’ll be on the edge of our seats!



NFTS Launches Directing Workshop

Confirms initiatives to increase number of diverse directors

(Pictured: Ralitza Petrova, NFTS Directing Fiction graduate winning the Golden Leopard at Locarno International Film Festival in 2016 for Godless)

London, 16th January 2017: The National Film and Television School (NFTS) announces that the ‘NFTS Directing Workshop’ is now open for applications and will take place in the summer 2017. The scheme is aimed at increasing the number of women and people from BAME backgrounds and those with disabilities working professionally in screen directing.

There will initially be six places available on the pilot workshop with a view to extending to 12 in future. Participants will start with a two-day introductory session in March followed by intensive training in narrative filmmaking in an innovative, four-week workshop during the summer, which will result in the production of a short film. All participants are guaranteed an interview for the NFTS’ prestigious and highly competitive Directing Fiction MA.

The NFTS will cover all production costs and will facilitate inter-School networking to help crew the films across all disciplines from producing to editing and sound.

The workshop is a part of the initiatives announced at the NFTS’ annual fundraising Gala in 2016, which celebrated Great British Women and includes a mentorship programme for all female students on the NFTS’ four MA courses in directing.

Nik Powell, director of NFTS says: “It is extremely important that filmmakers represent the society that they reflect and to this end we want our student population to be as diverse as possible, particularly in screen directing. We need to hear from all voices and perspectives to ensure the viewing audience is fairly represented and to this end, I am extremely pleased to announce the NFTS Directing Workshop and the commitment to ensure our ambitions for this programme are realised.”

For more information, and to apply for the NFTS Directing Workshop, please visit


Contact for further information:

Press: Vicky Hewlett, Head of PR and Communications, NFTS:

From Rogue One to Fantastic Beasts

NFTS Grads Credited on the Highly Anticipated TV & Movie Hits of the Year!

The next 'must-watch' film from the Star Wars franchise, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comes to our screens in the UK on December 15th! No fewer than seven NFTS graduates have worked on the film including Visual Effects Producer Ben Lock; Art Directors including Stephen Swain; Junior Draughtsman Olivia Muggleton; Boom Operator Michael Lee Taylor; First Assistant Editor Tom Harrison-Read and Generalist Lead for ILM, John Seru. If you dream of working in visual effects on movies like this, there are still a few places still remaining on our Digital Effects MA, which starts in January 2017 - more info here

Set shortly before the events of ‘A New Hope’, ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ reveals how the Rebellion got their hands on the designs for the Death Star. The Galactic Empire is at the height of its power, and their ultimate weapon is nearly complete. Along with a team of rebel soldiers, former criminal Jyn Erso sets out on a desperate mission to steal the plans so they can figure out how to destroy it. 

Hugely anticipated new movie and spin-off of the Harry Potter film series, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is directed by NFTS alumnus, David Yates. Yates is best known for directing the final four Harry Potter films and graduated from the National Film and Television School Directing Fiction MA in 1992. On reading J.K Rowling’s script for Fantastic Beasts, Yates commented in a recent interview: “[…] it was just the most delightful read. It was charming, moving, tender. It felt fresh and it was with a bunch of people that I really love working with so, it was a bit of a no-brainer.”

Fantastic Beasts stars Eddie Redmayne and is set in the wizarding world in 1926 New York. Something mysterious is leaving a path of destruction in the streets, threatening to expose the wizarding community to the Second Salemers, a fanatical faction of No-Majs (American for Muggles) bent on eradicating them. And the powerful, dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald, after wreaking havoc in Europe, has slipped away… and is now nowhere to be found. Other NFTS alumni credited include:

Huw Arthur, Standby Art Director; James M Spencer, Draughtsman; Ivor Talbot, Sound Mixer: Second Unit; Robert Malone, Sound Design Editor and Zach du Toit, Pre-vis/Generalist TD.

A Street Cat Named Bob is another movie that is set to attract big audiences and also credits an NFTS grad, this time on Production Design. Antonia Lowe who graduated from studying a Production Design MA at the NFTS in 2011 is credited as Production Designer on the movie, which stars Luke Treadaway and is based on the international best-selling book of the same name. A Street Cat Named Bob is the true story of how James Bowen, a busker and recovering drug addict, had his life transformed when he met a stray ginger cat.

NFTS grads are also working on the second series of hit TV drama, Humans. Lewis Arnold returns as director of the first two episodes and composing graduate, Sarah Warne composed the score for the BAFTA nominated series.

The latest Marvel movie, Dr Strange, which is out now and stars Benedict Cumberbatch features a whole host of NFTS alumni including:

Gary Jopling, Assistant Art Director; Yasmin Al-Naib, Assistant Stand-by Art Director; Rebecca Gibson, Production Assistant: Additional Photography; Caroline Houghton, Assistant Production Co-ordinator: Additional Photography; Isona Rigau, Draughtsperson and Alexander Toomey, Draughtsperson.

And last but not least, the next big drama to be launched on Netflix, The Crown, also benefits from a large number of NFTS grads. The show is a biographical story about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and is scheduled to be released in its entirety on November 4, 2016. Alumni include:

Una Ni Dhonghaile, Editor (selected episodes) who has also just won an IFTA award for Best Editor; Stuart Hilliker, Sound Re-recording Mixer; Martin Jensen, Re-recording Mixer; Jorge Canada Escorihuela, Additional VFX Supervisor: On Set (3eps), Victor Tomi, Digital Compositor (5 eps).

If you would like to follow in our graduates' footsteps, there are still places available on courses starting in January 2017 ranging from Film Studies, Programming and Curation; Marketing, Distribution, Sales and Exhibition, Graphics & Titles for Film and Television, and Digital Effects.

Film Studies Students Curate ‘Best Short Films of the Year’ Competition

Audiences Invited to Watch, Judge and Decide!

National Film and Television School Film Studies, Programming and Curation MA students have applied their specialist skills to curate the upcoming ‘Best Short Films of the Year’ competition with ODEON (places are still available for this exciting MA course starting end January 2017 – more information on how to apply here). The competition takes place on January 17th 2017 at 8pm in 16 ODEON cinemas across the UK, to showcase the next generation of talented filmmakers and comprises a selection of seven NFTS students’ short films, the majority of which have won or been nominated for major awards.

The live action and animation films will be simultaneously screened in the 16 ODEON cinemas (see full list of locations below). Audiences will be asked to get involved and ‘watch, judge and decide’ to pick their favourite film.

The Film Studies, Programming and Curation MA is delivered in partnership with the BFI to prepare students to build successful careers in film exhibition, programming, criticism or archival work. Curating programmes such as the ‘Best Short Films of the Year’ competition is just one example of the broad range of curatorial and critical skills that the students learn. The running order chosen is as follows:

Sweet Maddie Stone (Fiction: Director/ Co-writer, Brady Hood; Producer, Jake Riley-Hunte)

15-year-old Maddie Stone rules her school yard under the protection of her family name. But after discovering her notorious father has been arrested, she has to make his bail money or lose the yard. The more Maddie fights, the more her world spirals out of control – and the closer she gets to becoming the man she’s trying to save.

Fishwitch (Animation: Director, Adrienne Dowling; Producer, Helene Sifre)

Tooega is a witch who ekes out an isolated existence on an iceberg. It’s a miserable lot, and in Tootega’s case, misery hates company! Derek is a merman – more fish than man really – who spends his days joyously rollicking around the ocean, oblivious to the fact that his dreadful singing is the very reason he remains friendless. Fishwitch is the story of what happens when these two unlikely characters come together…

Ferris & The Fancy Pigeon (Documentary: Director/ Writer, James Gardner; Producer, Helene Sifre)

When Ferris, a teenage boy with a passion for fancy pigeons, leaves school, his father finds him a job at the local factory. Ferris goes along with his father’s plan until the day the school bully he thought he’d left behind confronts him. Ferris abandons his post and the punishment his father exercises forces Ferris to finally face up to some difficult home truths.

A Love Story (Animation: Director, Anushka Naanayakkara, Producer, Khaled Gad)

Two creatures fall in love, weaving a colourful world together. But when darkness threatens to consume one of them, the other must fight to stay together, or risk being torn apart. 

Present (Fiction: Director & Co-Writer, Meg Campbell; Producer Ser En Low)

With her sister slowly succumbing to early-onset Alzheimer’s, Beth struggles to balance her responsibilities as a carer and a mother, whilst dealing with her own fear of developing the genetic disease.

The Alan Dimension (Animation: Director & Co-writer, Jac Clinch; Producer, Millie Marsh)

The divine gift of precognition has been bestowed to a human. That human…is Alan. But Alan’s gift isn’t all it’s cracked up to be - he can barely foresee what’s for breakfast. And now the only person on earth who understands Alan is packing her bags to leave – Wendy has had enough of being married to ‘mankind’s next step in cognitive evolution’. Will Alan realise in time that seeing the future has blinded him to his present?

Patriot (Fiction: Director/ Writer, Eva Riley; Producer, Michelangelo Fano)

Hannah loves her Dad and always wants to be seen next to him. But during the preparations for an anti-immigration protest at her house she is pushed out, being seen as too young. Hannah meets a teenage Romany boy and does her best to push him away but the boy won’t leave her alone, leading to consequences which turn her world upside down.

Commenting on how they devised the programme, MA student, Roberto Gonzalez said: “We considered the themes dealt with by the films and decided to start with Sweet Maddie Stone, which deals with social issues and adolescence. We followed with FishWitch, which portrays the same theme of outcasts through an animated/fantasy prism, while Ferris and the Fancy Pigeon continues the outcast theme to a degree. A Love Story offers a sort of ‘break’ before transitioning into Present, which deals with the serious subject of dementia, and then followed that with The Alan Dimension, which also deals with the psyche but in a more uplifting way. Patriot was chosen to round out the programme as it deals with similar social issues to Sweet Maddie Stone leaving the audience with a powerful message.

This is the first time that these films have been shown to the general public and ODEON is the only major European cinema chain to support new filmmakers in this way. A specially commissioned trailer* will be shown at ODEON cinemas across the UK from Monday 21st November featuring a voiceover by Ashton Smith whose voice is synonymous with global feature film campaigns from the likes of Fox and Sony.

The competition is part of a partnership between the NFTS and ODEON, which has become the School’s first platinum cinema sponsor. ODEON is working with the school’s Board, tutors and students to support the school in a wide variety of new initiatives including an annual student scholarship.

Tickets are on sale now on the Odeon website where you can also watch the trailer.

The Odeon cinema screenings will be held in these locations:

Birmingham New St.




London, Panton Street

Edinburgh Lothian Rd

Glasgow Quay


Liverpool One

Manchester Printworks

Milton Keynes Stadium

Newcastle Silverlinks  





*NFTS Trailer Credits:

Duncan Bruce, Editor (NFTS graduate)

Steven Boneham, Producer

Anna MacDonald, Cinematography (NFTS student)

Stuart Earl, Composer (NFTS graduate)

Ashton Smith, VO Artiste


Project Selected for Second NFTS/ BBC Films ‘Greenlight’ Short

The Bind by BAFTA-Winning Producing Grad Caroline Bartleet

(Pictured: Rebecca Morgan & Caroline Bartleet picking up the BAFTA for Best British Short Fiction for Operator in 2016)

The National Film and Television School (NFTS) announces that The Bind has been chosen as the second short film to be made under the BBC Films and NFTS Greenlight Short Project.

The Greenlight Short Project is a joint venture between BBC Films and the National Film and Television School to fund one short film a year for three years made by recent NFTS graduates.

The Bind has been conceived by NFTS Producing MA graduate, Caroline Bartleet and is inspired by a true story.

Caroline's first short film as writer/director, Operator, stars Kate Dickie and Vicky McClure. The film premiered at the London Film Festival where it was nominated for the Short Film Award. Since then it has gone on to play at numerous festivals around the world. Operator won the BAFTA for British Short Film in 2016.

Caroline said the following after hearing that her film idea had been selected: “I am so pleased that my film has been chosen for such a prestigious project; working with BBC Films is a fantastic opportunity and I can’t wait to start production.”

Acting Head of BBC Films, Joe Oppenheimer: “Caroline is an impressive and talented filmmaker and we’re thrilled to be able to support her exciting new project through our ‘Greenlight’ scheme with the NFTS.”  

National Film and Television School director, Nik Powell said: “We are extremely pleased to continue our partnership with the BBC; The Greenlight Short Project is an excellent opportunity for our graduates. The BBC has long been a big champion of new talent, especially at the NFTS, and we are hugely appreciative of this as is Caroline who has an extremely bright future ahead!”

The Bind is the second short film to be made as part of the Greenlight project following Diagnosis which was written and directed by Eva Riley and produced by Emilie Jouffroy whose NFTS graduation films, Edmond (directed by Nina Gantz) and Patriot won the Short Animation BAFTA and competed for the short film Palme D’Or in Cannes 2015 respectively.

Contact for further information:

Vicky Hewlett, Head of PR and Communications, NFTS:

Sir Richard Branson Endorses Entrepreneur MA

“This Course is a Terrific Idea!”

Virgin founder and entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson, has given the National Film and Television School’s Creative Business for Entrepreneurs and Executives a ringing endorsement in a recent article on the Virgin website.

In the article, Sir Richard talks about how he and co-founder, Nik Powell – now director of the NFTS - shaped the Virgin business and learned: “entrepreneurship each day, making up new ways of running businesses as we went. We didn’t have a rulebook, but it we did, we would have ripped it up. Whether it was marketing, advertising, design, product or customer service, we learned new things every day – it was either adapt and survive, or stand still and fail. It was the best entrepreneurial education possible.”

Sir Richard believes that there are too few opportunities for young people to learn ‘in entrepreneurial ways’ and believes you can ‘learn entrepreneurship.’

“With that in mind, Nik set up the NFTS’ new course in creative business for entrepreneurs and executives, with the vision of helping students to design and build the media companies of the future. We need a new generation of makers and doers in all sectors, especially in the creative industries. The course, which is unique in Europe, will allow students to gain hands-on, practical knowledge and build the tools they need to create their own businesses and opportunities.”

About the MA:

The Creative Business MA helps students develop and launch a business with the support of the UK’s most successful business leaders. Participants gain access to and are uniquely taught by over 100 key influencers from the worlds of publishing, theatre, games, film, television, music and digital entertainment. Their insights are invaluable for the students and place them at an advantage in the flourishing world of creative business.

In addition to the students developing a viable business by the end of the course, they are also required to attempt to raise money to fund it. This is a unique requirement for an MA of this kind and parallels other NFTS courses where students make films, TV programmes or games, which are eligible for Oscar and BAFTA nominations, optioned for development by industry giants like Warner Brothers or developed for distribution on platforms like Stream. 

Nik Powell, NFTS director says: “The UK continues to be a huge success story when it concerns the creative industries and we are proud that our graduates continue to play a key part in this.  Our new Creative Business MA for Entrepreneurs and Executives capitalises on this success and ensures that we focus not only on creativity and storytelling but also on developing our students’ business acumen and entrepreneurship.”

Chris Auty, NFTS’ Head of Producing says: “Building business capacity in the creative industries is vital to future competitiveness in the UK. We need more entrepreneurs, financiers and managers who truly understand the creative process as well as business and commerce and this course will make a significant contribution to achieving these goals.” 

The Creative Business MA is supported by major media investors Ingenious, law firm Lee & Thompson and accountancy firm Saffery Champness.

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