Script Development for Independent Film

2 days 10:00am - 5:30pm Full-time

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Script Development for Independent Film

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Independent film production is the largest sector in the industry. For every single mainstream broadcaster, there are ten-thousand independent production companies.

Their films range from sumptuous multi-million-pound festival movies to micro-budget horror. The one thing they have in common is they are all looking for the one script that will take their company to the next level.

Writing scripts for independent cinema presents unique challenges for the screenwriter. An independent film may not have the luxury of either star power, a franchise or cinematic spectacle to attract an audience. Instead, independent films lean heavily on the writer to get their concept right and to write an utterly compelling piece of drama.

In this 2 day course aimed at Writers, Producers and Filmmakers, we will look at ways achieve the main things independent cinema producers need from a script.

On the course, writers will be expected to arrive with an idea they want to develop. We will then spend two days developing their idea. The course itself will include the writing of scenes and preparation of development documents, as well as a copy of the tutors book "The Process of Screenwriting"