Shooting Documentary Interviews

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Wednesday, 20 September, 2017 to Friday, 22 September, 2017
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Do you want to make your interviews look and sound better? Do you want your interviews to tell a better story?
This is a practical course designed for self-shooters who wish to develop their knowledge of filming interviews in a variety of styles.
Participants will learn how to shoot formal interviews on the tripod, as well as informal interviews with a handheld camera. The course will cover a range of locations and shooting situations for all types of factual filmmaking, and will include lighting a formal interview using film lights as well as natural light.
Interviewing technique will be covered such as asking questions but participants should expect a lot of practice time during the course.
This course will cover:

- selecting a location
- foreground & background
- composing & framing
- lenses & shot sizes
- working with natural light
- health & safety with lights
- 3 point lighting
- recording & monitoring sound
- informal & dialogue interviews
- cutaways & additional footage

Participants will review exercises with the tutor and will be given individual feedback frequently!

Cameras are available for all course participants. However, participants' own cameras may also be used, provided that they are compatible with the course requirements. Skills learnt on this course can be applied to any camera or shooting format.
Please note this is NOT a lighting course.