Sports Replays: Editorial & Storytelling

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This course incorporates the essence of HBS’s experience of working on world-class sporting events and is the first of its kind to use the Live Slow Motion (LSM), part of the core operating system of the XT3 class of servers offered by EVS.

The course is designed to benefit Replay Operators in production of live sports events. The programme involves use of real-world sports events as training environment. The training lays emphasis on the editorial aspects of replays ─ why to use replays, what for, what is relevant and what’s not, ideal workflow and communication, both with EVS team and director, camera angles, and common mistakes.

The theoretical and practical aspects of the course aim to encourage and develop existing expertise and creativity of participants. This course will cover editorial philosophy of two sports- football and tennis.

Course Objectives:

  • Review/learn the basic principles of editorial treatment and acquire best practices for storytelling using action replays
  • Understand the role of replays in sports TV production
  • Understand the use of different camera positions in a live sports production
  • Develop an in-depth view about narrative in sports coverage using replays and slow-motion replays
  • Realise the Director’s constraints & expectations
  • Understand various roles in a production team and work effectively as a team
  • Develop further adaptability in sports editorial coverage


Freelance Fee: £1500

Corporate Rate: £1700

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