Storytelling for Business:- ONLINE

Short course


This course is being delivered remotely and is open for applications!

Learn how to use the power of storytelling to communicate your message and win support from stakeholders in an intensive, highly motivational and interactive 1-day course.

Stories are part of the very essence of being human. For a million years we’ve been making up stories to make sense of life, to share the things we fear or desire. This primal need is still in us - we download books, we binge-watch TV series, we gorge on stories with the same enthusiasm as our ancestors. Media knows this, politicians know it, smart business knows it. They all try to reach out to us by creating narratives we can relate to, narratives we can - often literally - buy into.

To tell a good story, then, isn’t merely a fun pastime, it’s a survival technique, and a powerful tool in communicating our thoughts and needs with those around us. Every leader and manager needs this talent, every professional, every friend, every parent, every human being. The good news is, it’s a talent we can all develop through a set of skills we can learn.

You will learn how to create a story by using storytelling techniques, how to make the mundane sound exciting. You will learn how to become a captivating storyteller by learning how to connect with an audience - authenticity, voice, rhythm, body language and more. How to deal with nerves and adapt to unexpected circumstances. We’ll look at the value of A/V support and what actually makes a presentation gripping; portfolios, slides and how not to (over) use them. How to use storytelling as part of multimedia presentations.

Above all, you will practice, with exercises for optimising skills, building confidence and more, all with tutor guidance and feedback.


SASHA DAMJANOVSKI is an award-winning producer, director and writer with over 25 years of experience in film and TV and in business communications. He is a visiting lecturer at Central St Martins (UAL) and works with other educational institutions, and individual and corporate clients across different industry sectors.


“Creative, charismatic, brilliant and unerringly human - Sasha’s years of experience working with his own creativity, combined with his spirit of generosity and determination to be of assistance to others has culminated in a fresh, catalytic and profoundly encouraging approach - highly recommended.”

“[this] has been one of the most interesting and rewarding set of classes I have ever taken.”

“A very insightful and expert presenter who works with his audience, not talks at them.”

“I have been to a few of these. This was the best one by far.”

Freelance Rate: £195

Corporate Rate: £355