‘Facing It’ directed, animated and co-written by recent NFTS Directing Animation MA graduate, Sam Gainsborough has won both the Grand Prix and the Audience Award at this year’s Animage Animation Festival in Brazil, which focusses on films that are independent, authorial, experimental, daring, expressive, politically driven, innovative and original. 

Sam said: "I’m absolutely delighted to win the Animage Grand Prix! There were some other really amazing films in competition so I was completely shocked when I found out we had won the award. And on top of that, to find out Facing It also won the festival audience award, that completely blew me away! I really wanted to make a film that would resonate with different people all over the world, and it's amazing that audiences in different countries, on different continents, are connecting with the film. It’s really exciting! "

Facing It has already won a number of awards including:

  • Animafest Zagreb - Best Student Film
  • Ottawa International Animation Festival - Audience Award
  • KLIK International Animation Festival, Amsterdam - Audience Award
  • Viborg International Animation Festival - Ginger Award for Best Student Film
  • KROK International Animation Festival, Russia - Jury Deploma Award
Sam working on 'Facing It' at NFTS

The Facing It Team:

Sam Gainsborough, Director/Animator/Co-Screenwriter; Jimmy Campbell-Smith, Producer; Louisa Wood, Co-Screenwriter; Bruno Grilo, Cinematographer; Demian Lovett, Lilla Vindics, Assistant Directors; Fiona Guest, Production Designer; Garry David Frost, Production Manager; Jenny Martin, Production Co-Ordinator; Mdhamiri A Nkemi, Editor; Adam Woodhams, Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer; Jack Newton, Composer; Oliver Buus, Lead Compositor; Daniel Quirke, Compositor; Laura Jane Dart, Colourist & Online Editor

For more information on the NFTS Directing Animation MA, please visit www.nfts.co.uk/animation and for more information on Facing It, please click here.



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BAFTA winning actor, writer and comedian, Paul Whitehouse (The Fast Show; The Death of Stalin) dropped into Beaconsfield to record a voice over for graduation animation, Mother’s Ruin, directed by NFTS Directing Animation MA student, Frank Burgess.

NFTS Directing Animation MA student, Frank Burgess with Paul Whitehouse

Paul will be playing the villain of the story with a cockney accent and sings a song specially composed for the film by NFTS Composing MA student, Roshan Gunga.

Sound Designer, Adam Douglas Jones, Producer, Tom Dexter, Animation director, Frank Burgess, Paul Whitehouse & Composer, Roshan Gunga 

More exciting cast members to be announced soon. Watch this space!

Frank at work on his graduation animation film

For more information about the NFTS Directing Animation MA, please visit www.nfts.co.uk/animation

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NFTS graduation animation, Hedgehog, directed and animated by Edward Bulmer and produced by Jona Thompson has been recognised with the Student Film Special Jury’s Award at this year’s Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival.

The team said of their win: “Many thanks to SICAF for the award and for welcoming us to the beautiful city of Seoul. Winning would not have been possible without the support of the NFTS."

Hedgehog synopsis:

Gareth suffers with debilitating self doubt... which follows him around in the form of a hedgehog.

The Team:

Edward Bulmer, Director/Animator; Jona Thompson, Producer; Mohsen Shah, Screenwriter; Angela Zoe Neil, Cinematographer; Alessandro Aglietti, Production Designer; Emma Clarke, Celia Moreno Madrigal, Production Managers; Will Winfield, Editor; Nigel Woodford, Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer; Pablo Scopinaro, Composer; Samuel Hunt, Cg Lead; Baitong Monseu, Lead Compositor; Hugh Howlett, Colourist & Online Editor

For more information about the NFTS Directing Animation MA, please visit www.nfts.co.uk/animation

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The NFTS has triumphed once again affirming its place as one of the world’s leading film schools by winning the top prize in the Animation category of the CILECT Global Film School Awards. This is the fifth time that the NFTS has taken top prizes these prestigious awards having won prizes in two out of three categories in 2017, 2016, 2015 and in 2013, the school made history by becoming the first institution to win first prize in all three categories. This year, 126 film schools submitted entries globally.

NFTS students won first prize in the Animation category with Poles Apart directed by Paloma Baeza and produced by Ser En Low (full credits below).

Poles Apart synopsis:

Poles Apart which won the British Short Animation BAFTA in 2018, tells the story of an unlikely meeting between Nanuk, a tough female polar bear, and Aklak, an enthusiastic male grizzly bear, brought together by their changing habitats. The lack of food in a melting Arctic has left the solitary Nanuk desperately hungry. When the hopeful and eager Aklak crashes into Nanuk’s world, she has to decide if the naïve grizzly bear is her food or her friend.

Paloma Baeza animating Poles Apart

The team:

Director/ Writer/ Animator – Paloma Baeza; Producer, Ser En Low; Cinematographer, Jon Muschamp; Production Designer, Paula Giménez; Production Manager, Florencia Casas; Production Co-ordinator, Sophie Halton; Editor, Zsofia Tálas; Sound Designer & Re-recording Mixer, Morgan Muse; Compser, Hollie Buhagiar; VFX Supervisor, Gillian Simpson; CG Supervisors, Ollie Brummell, Shivani Shah; Colourist & Online Editor, Alex Davis.


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Triptych, an NFTS graduation animation, directed by Katia Lom and produced by Nikita Leibovici, has won first prize for Best Experimental Film at the Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF).

RIIFF is a major destination on the festival circuit and is recognised by the Academy as a Qualifying Festival in all short film categories. The festival welcomes filmmakers from all over the world to Rhode Island—one of America’s oldest cities.

About Triptych: A reflection on the nature of time and memory as a daughter empties her late father’s home of his belongings.

Katia said: “It is a huge honour to receive this award. The festival is a major international event highly regarded around the world, recognized both by the Academy Awards and BAFTA.  For our film to be appreciated in this way is very special, particularly as Triptych crosses the genres of film, poetry, fine art, documentary, fiction/narrative and animation, using live action sequences shot on 16mm and animation that was all done in-camera combining a variety of techniques (stop-motion, pixilation, hand-drawn and cut-outs).  Triptych is certainly not a typical NFTS animation film and explores a different approach to narrative that is non-linear.  Shawn Quirke who programmed the festival was a big supporter of the film and it means a lot to have people of such calibre connect with the work in this way and give it recognition.” 

On the inspiration behind the film, Katia continued: “Triptych is based on the true story of my mother at the age of four escaping through the woods at night with her parents what was then Czechoslovakia in the run up to the Slansky trials, the first anti-Semitic show trial in Eastern Europe that took place in 1952.  Although a personal story I wanted to make a film about the universal experience of loss, generational trauma and displacement as a consequence of political and armed conflict.  I worked with Angelina Karpovich (NFTS Screenwriting MA graduate) to shape a visual poem of these ideas and emotions.  Every member of the team also played an important role in then building up around this concept to shape the film.  It really was a team effort, and every element from sound, editing, music and text have become interlinked and could not work without each other.  The film is a testament to the talent at NFTS.  We were also very fortunate to have Lisa Diveney and Simon Stephens as a cast who brought incredible life to the work, and our team are very much indebted to them as well for their contribution.”

The Team:

Katia Lom, Director/Animator/Co-Screenwriter/Production Designer; Nikita Leibovici, Producer; Angelina Karpovich, Co-Screenwriter; Jonathan Flint, Cinematographer; Rosalind Grégoire, Production Designer; Frida Lizine, Celia Moreno Madrigal, Production Managers; Patrick MILES Widdop, Editor; Felipe Bolaño, Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer; Anna Bauer, Composer; Eryk Hildebrand, Colourist & Online Editor

More information on the film can be found here and information on the NFTS Directing Animation MA can be found at www.nfts.co.uk/animation



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An incredible 10 NFTS alumni have had their projects selected for this year’s Creative England iFeatures low-budget feature initiative, that has credits including the BAFTA nominated Lady Macbeth produced by NFTS alumna Fodhla Cronin-O’Reilly.

Half the selected features include NFTS graduates as key members of the teams. Each of the projects are from first-time filmmakers and they will be taken through an entire cycle of development. This will include support for all aspects of the creative process, from inception to the stage when they are ready to be introduced to the market. Projects include:

A Voice And Its Echo: Simon Cartwright (writer-director & NFTS Directing Animation MA alumnus); Emilie Jouffroy (producer) and Kamilla Hodol (producer) – both NFTS Producing MA graduates: A woman rediscovers her love of music when she returns home to the Yorkshire Moors and uncovers what might be the entrance to another world.

Here Before: Sophie Vickers (producer & NFTS Producing MA graduate); Stacey Gregg (writer-director) A taut and sophisticated psychological thriller set in Northern Ireland.

AVI: Jonathan Schey (writer-director); Rachelle Constant (producer & NFTS BAME Leadership Programme participant) An eccentric Hassidic Jewish bachelor, struggling to be matched for marriage, gets tempted by life in the outside world.

The White Stork: Meg Campbell (director & NFTS Directing Fiction MA graduate); Marie-Elena Dyche (producer & NFTS Producing MA graduate); Oliver Henderson (writer & NFTS Screenwriting MA graduate) A disillusioned mother forms an unlikely relationship with her daughter’s classmate, and becomes convinced that the pair were switched at birth.

Blue Jean: Georgia Oakley (writer-director); Helene Sifre (producer & NFTS Producing MA graduate) In 1988, a closeted teacher is pushed to the brink when a new student threatens to expose her sexuality.

Across the Water: Andrea Harkin (Director & NFTS Directing Fiction MA graduate); Suzanne Cowie (Writer) A terrified young woman must deal with her unwanted pregnancy, in a country where having an abortion can mean life in prison.


The NFTS Animation department has done it again with graduation animation, Inanimate, directed by Lucia Bulgheroni and produced by Lennard Ortmann winning the Special Jury Award at the 2018 BAFTA Student Film Awards, which took place at the Theatre at Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on Friday 29th June.

Lucia Bulgheroni with her award and the jury
Lucia Bulgheroni with her award and the jury

The Student Film Awards are a global BAFTA initiative, and a key component to BAFTA’s year round commitment to discovering and supporting new talent and career starters, whatever their background, race or gender. This year’s nine finalists were selected from 469 submissions by students at film schools in 35 countries across the world, including Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, India, Israel, Kenya, Lebanon, Russia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

This is Lucia’s second major award having won a prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival where it was one of just 17 films chosen from 2,426 submissions from film schools worldwide.

The Special Jury Prize was awarded to Lucia by a panel of industry luminaries including Amy Adrion (Half the Picture), Jen McGowan (Kelly & CalRust Creek), Justin Simien (Dear White People), Jon Turteltaub (National TreasureCool Runnings), Kim Yutani (Director of Programming for the Sundance Film Festival) and writing duo Dick Clement and Ian LaFrenais (The CommitmentsFlushed Away).

Lucia said: "Making a film is an amazing journey. What I learned most is that you have to trust yourself, because when you do that, it is actually when you start to be satisfied by yourself and make great things.”

Stop frame animation, Inanimate is about a woman who loses her certainty about reality and discovers she is much more than just a puppet: Katrine has a normal life, a normal job, a normal boyfriend and a normal apartment in a normal city. Or at least that’s what she thinks, until one day everything starts falling apart literally!

Still from Inanimate

The Team:

Lucia Bulgheroni - Director/Animator; Lennard Ortmann – Producer; Drew Eu – Screenwriter; Ronnie Mcquillan – Cinematographer; Kristina Kovacs - Production Designer; Alex Mcardle - Production Manager; Raphael Pereira – Editor; Louise Burton – Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer; Jose Pavli – Composer; Niall Harty - Cg Lead; Amy Gibson - Lead Compositor; Hugh Howlett - Colourist & Online Editor

For more information about the NFTS Directing Animation MA, please visit www.nfts.co.uk/animation 

Facing It, an animation graduation film directed by Sam Gainsborough, produced by Jimmy Campbell-Smith and co-written by Louisa Wood has won ‘Best Student Film’ at the World Festival of Animated Film, ‘Animafest Zagreb’ in Croatia.

The award follows hot on the heels of the success of two other NFTS graduation animation films – Poles Apart directed by Paloma Baeza which won the ‘BAFTA for Best Short Animation’ earlier this year, and Inanimate directed by Lucia Bulgheroni which won third prize in the ‘Cinefondation selection’ at Cannes Film Festival and has been shortlisted for the upcoming ‘BAFTA Student Film Awards’ in LA.

Facing It mixes stop-motion with live-action and explores the psyche of character Sean, who is forced to confront his own unhappy memories and relationships in an evening that will leave him changed forever.

Director of Facing It, Sam Gainsborough at Animafest Zagreb

'Animafest Zagreb’, created in 1972 in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, is an exclusively animation festival promoting upcoming filmmakers and showcasing animation in all its different forms – from traditional drawings, to stop motion, CGI, to experimental cross-media films.

The second oldest film festival completely dedicated to animation, ‘Animafest Zagreb’ festival brings the best of animation from all over the world, with over 300 films, 200 international guests and more than 20 000 visitors. Festival awards include prizes given in the Short Film Competition, Feature film Competition, Student Film Competition, Children Films, Site-specific competition and Croatian competition.

Co-writer of Facing It and Screenwriting MA graduate Louisa Wood says: “It was such an honour to have Facing It recognised by ‘Animafest Zagreb’. I'm very proud of Sam and the team for all the hard work they've put in to make this wonderful film. It was lovely to read the Jury comments about the characters being emotive and expressive. Sam's animation technique is perfect for externalising the internal. We decided early on not to have any dialogue and let the faces tell the story, so it was therefore extremely important that we got the character Sean's emotional journey absolutely spot on at the writing stage so that Director Sam could use the detailed beats during the animation process. It was a fun project to be involved in, right down to having my hands covered in red paint and my face replaced by spinning Plasticine!”

Sam Gainsborough, graduate of the Directing Animation MA, says of the eight-minute animation: “I really wanted to make a film that people of different backgrounds could relate to. The film is about celebrating the imperfections we all have, rather than trying to repress them. I’m so pleased that the audience connected to the experience of the main character, Sean.”

He continues: “It was amazing to win the award at ‘Animafest Zagreb’. The selection of films at the festival were beautiful, thought provoking and hugely inspiring. It was fantastic to have people respond to Facing It in such a positive way.”

The selection Jury at ‘Animafest Zagreb’ were made up of Animator and Assistant Professor Darko Masnec, Vimeo Curator Meghan Oretsky, Animator and Sound Designer Natko Stipaničev, and Painter/experimental animator Chi-Sui Wang.

Jury Comments said of Facing It: “We were immediately pulled into the wondrous world of our student film winner, Facing It, which was built with an incredibly creative and unique visual technique. Each character's face was vibrantly expressive and emotive, and the story of social anxiety as a common obstacle for all people (especially artists) a comforting and sweet one.”

Producing MA graduate Jimmy Campbell-Smith adds: Facing It was a massive leap into the unknown for the whole team so it’s absolutely thrilling to be recognised at ‘Animafest Zagreb’. Above all, credit goes to Director Sam and the creative team for the countless hours (and ridiculously large amount of plasticine) that went in to bringing this to life. They deserve it!’

Facing It has also been selected for the ‘Graduation Films in Competition’ category at Annecy Festival and the ‘Mclaren Award for Best New Animation’ at Edinburgh Film Festival later this month.

Facing It Credits: Sam Gainsborough, Director/ Animator/ Co-Screenwriter; Jimmy Campbell-Smith, Producer; Louisa Wood, Co-Screenwriter; Bruno Grilo, Cinematographer; Demian Lovett & Lilla Vindics, Assistant Directors; Fiona Guest, Production Designer; Garry David Frost, Production Manager; Jenny Martin, Production Co-Ordinator; Mdhamiri A Nkemi, Editor; Adam Woodhams, Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer; Jack Newton, Composer; Oliver Buus, Lead Compositor; Daniel Quirke, Compositor; Laura Jane Dart, Colourist & Online Editor.

Applications for the NFTS Directing Animation MA are open until the 5th July 2018 (the two-year MA course starts in January 2019) – for more information and to apply, please visit www.nfts.co.uk/animation

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NFTS graduation animation, Inanimate directed by Lucia Bulgheroni and produced by Lennard Ortmann has won both the ‘Jury Award’ in the Graduation Film Category and the ‘Junior Jury for a Graduation Film’ special prize at Annecy Film Festival - Europe’s biggest animation film festival.

The stop frame animation explores puppet Katrine’s quest for truth as she discovers an ethereal and haunting world which plummets around her, in a brilliantly vivid tale of hope, angst, disillusionment and acceptance. Lucia, who graduated from the NFTS Directing Animation MA this year, used Super Sculpey, a material similar to clay that can be baked, to bring puppets Katrine and Patrick to life; delivering a hyper-real, dark and dreamlike quality to the expressive animation film. More than 15 puppets and sets were created for Inanimate, culminating in a blend of live action, pixilation and stop-motion animation and the longest single shot sequence in NFTS animation history.  

Director and Animator, Lucia comments on the creation of Inanimate: ‘The idea came to me with a vision of a soul inside a puppet, suddenly ripping out of its own body to get out. I always resonated with the idea that we are souls, or consciousness, inside bodies who were experiencing life, and then we return to our original form of consciousness.’

Inanimate was also selected for the prestigious Cinéfondation programme at Cannes Festival where it won Third Prize and is a finalist in the BAFTA Student Film Awards for animation and selected in the ‘Mclaren Award for Best New Animation’ at Edinburgh International Film Festival, both later this month.

Founded in 1960 and organised by CITIA, Annecy Festival's aim is to reveal and promote creations by the greatest animation studios as well as young talents. The Graduation Short Category jury included Comic strip author, Pénélope Bagieu, Director Bruno Forzani and Distribution Director Laurence Petit, whilst the Junior Jury were made up of four young students, from the OTTOmani association and Atelier de cinema d’Animation d’Annecy et de Haute-Savoie (AAA).

Inanimate is a stop frame animation film; a style the NFTS is particularly famed for as alumni include Oscar winning, Wallace and Gromit director, Nick Park and Peppa Pig creator, Mark Baker.

The Team:

Lucia Bulgheroni - Director/Animator; Lennard Ortmann – Producer; Drew Eu – Screenwriter; Ronnie Mcquillan – Cinematographer; Kristina Kovacs - Production Designer; Alex Mcardle - Production Manager; Raphael Pereira – Editor; Louise Burton – Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer; Jose Pavli – Composer; Niall Harty - Cg Lead; Amy Gibson - Lead Compositor; Hugh Howlett - Colourist & Online Editor; zsófi szemerédy, PR and Marketing

Applications for the NFTS Directing Animation MA are open until the 5th July 2018 (the two-year MA course starts in January 2019) – for more information and to apply, please visit www.nfts.co.uk/animation

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At the NFTS, our credits tell the story. These are just some of the recent credits from our graduates.

Recent Cinema Releases

Films with NFTS graduate involvement grossed more than $13bn at the box office in 2017.

  • Stan & Ollie  Editor Ùna Nì Dhonghaile; Sound Recordist Danny Hambrook; 1st Assistant Sound Dom Corbisiero; Assistant Colourist Sara Buxton
  • Mary Queen of Scots  ADR Editor Adele Fletcher; Digital Compositor Rob Rankin; Assistant Art Director Isona Rigau; Draughtsman Andrew Tilhoo; Junior Draughtsman Irene Dimarca
  • Mary Poppins Returns Concept Artist Eva Kuntz; Junior Draughtsman Jamie Burrows; ADR Mixer Linda Brenon; Graphic Designer [Reshoots] Louise Begbie; Digital Compositors David Sheldon & Ruochen Wang; Production Secretary Caroline Houghton
  • Bird Box  Rerecording Mixer Sven Taits; Sound Design Editor Robert Malone; Sound Effects Editor Dayo James
  • Bohemian Rhapsody 2nd Unit DoP Nanu Segal; Dialogue/ADR Editor Jens Rosenlund Petersen; ADR Mixer Linda Brenon; Assistant Sound Editor Louise Burton; Animator for Double Negative Thomas Phillips-Howard; Dailies Colourist Doychin Margoevski; Location Marshall Hannah Cole
  • The Favourite  Draughtsman Agis Pyrlis; Assistant Colourist Sara Buxton; Dailies Colourist Doychin Margoevski
  • White Boy Rick  Director Yann Demange
  • Ready Player One  Visual Effects Producer Ben Lock; VFX Artist Shivani Shah; Compositor Adam Arnot; Lighting TDs Carlo Alberto Bagliolid & Boyan Baynov; 1st Assistant Sound: Mo-Cap Unit Alex Bryce
  • Avengers: Infinity War  VFX Supervisor Dan Snape; Environments TD Zach du Toit; Visual Effects Artist Cat Harris; FX TD Matt Moyes; Lighting TD Carlo Alberto Bagliolid; Paint & Rotoscopy Artist Kamaljit Bains; VFX Artist Cat Harris; VFX Production Assistant Beatriz de la Osa Arcos; Layout Artists Shivani Shah & Jake Ferris; Digital Compositors Manuel Perez, Graham Dorey, Adam Arnot, David Sheldon & Felipe Olid Guerrero; Draughtspersons Isona Rigau & Alexandra Toomey; Junior Draughtsperson Jamie Burrows
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald  Director David Yates; Concept Artists Kim Frederiksen & Eva Kuntz; Assistant Art Director James Spencer; Stand By Art Director Huw Arthur; Junior Draughtsman Jelle Rebry; Lighting TD Carlo Alberto Bagliolid; Environments TD Zach du Toit; VFX Artist Jakob Lundbye; Sound Effects Editors Dayo James & Robert Malone; Assistant Sound Edtor Sashko Potter Micevski;1st Assistant Sound Liam Cotter;  2nd Unit Sound Mixer Ivor Talbot
  • Robin Hood Draughtsperson Chloe Kletsa; Matchmove ArtistSarah Byers; Visual Effects Artist Jakob Lundbye; Digital Compositors Graham Dorey; Robert Rankin & Felipe Olid Guerrero
  • The Nutcracker and the Four Realms  Assistant Editor Scott Clements; Art Director Tom Weaving; Stand By Art Director Huw Arthur; Graphic Artist Louise Begbie; Concept Artist Kimberley Pope; Draughtsperson Agis Pyrlis; Costume Coordinator Maria Salcher; Location Marshall Sonia Hoogenstraaten
  • Adrift Dialogue Editor/Rerecording Mixer Sven Taits; Sound Effects Editors Dayo James  & Robert Malone 
  • Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! Editor Peter Lambert, Assistant Art Director Jane Harwood, Draughtspersons Agis Pyrlis and Sara Taddei, Property Buyer/Co-Ordinator Yasmin Al-Naib, 2nd Assistant Sound Jennifer Annor, Sound Trainee Kirsty Wright, Assistant Production Co-Ordinator Caroline Houghton and Cashier Grace Heath
  • Beast  Writer/Director Michael Pearce; DoP Benjamin Kracun; Editor Maya Maffioli; Production Designer Laura Ellis Cricks; Art Director Thalia Ecclestone; 2nd Assistant Director Pascha Hanaway; Sound Mixer Kieron Wolfson; Dialogue Editor Christopher Wilson; Sound Designer/Supervising Sound Editor Gunnar Oskarsson; Boom Operator Joanna Andrews

  • Mary Shelley Editor Alex Mackie
  • Swimming With Men Executive Producer Jonny Persey; Line Producer Kasia Malipan; Sound Assistants Michael Sinden & Andy Thomas
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom  Concept Artists Max Berman & Kim Frederiksen; Art Director Marco Anton Restivo; Assistant Art Director Tom Goodwin; Stand By Art Director Huw Arthur; Draughtspersons Will Houghton-Connell & Sara Taddei; Layout Artist Jake Ferris; Assistant Colourist Sara Buxton; Location Marshall Hannah Cole
  • Early Man Director/Story/Producer Nick Park; Senior Storyboard Artist Richard Phelan; Animators Gareth Love, Raul G Eguia, Marie Lechevallier, Emanuel Nevado, Maria Moreira Castro, Maria Ribas & Laura Tofarides; Assistant Animators Suraya Raja, Alex Crowley, Hywel Roberts, Adam M Watts; CG Animators Lian Mattson & Marta Arisa Clotet
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story Production Sound Mixer Stuart Wilson; 2nd Unit Boom Operator Michael Lee Taylor; Second Assistant Sound: Dailies Joanna Andrews; Art Directors Oliver Carroll, Stephen Swain & Tom Weaving; Assistant Art Director Patrick Harris; Art Department Assistant Joelle Aoun; Draughtspersons Olivia Muggleton, Andrew Tilhoo & Paul Savulescu; Art Department Assistant [Dailies] Paula Gimenez; Lighting TD Boyan Baynov; Layout Artist Jake Ferris; Visual Effects Artist James AJ Miller
  • On Chesil Beach  Editor Nick Fenton
  • Sherlock Gnomes Sound Effects Editors Dayo James & Robert Malone; Assistant Sound Editor Sashko Potter Micevski; Art Department Assistant Inês Lourenço. Entebbe; Sound Effects Editors Dayo James & Robert Malone; 1st Assistant Sound Tom Harrison; Production Coordinator Lawrence Mason; Matchmove Artist Sarah Byers; Set Decorator/Draughtsperson: Dailies Jacqueline Blundell

Cinematography graduate Roger Deakins won a long-overdue Oscar for Blade Runner: 2049

  • Blade Runner: 2049  DoP Roger Deakins
  • How to Talk to Girls at Parties Production Coordinator Hussain Ahmed; Production Manager for Film4 Kasia Malipan; Runners Jana Kovacova & Sorcha Bradford
  • The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Composer Alexandra Harwood; Rerecording Mixer Markus Moll; Boom Operator Jo Vale; Assistant Colourist Sara Buxton
  • Every Day  Production Designer Matthew Davies
  • Funny Cow  Producer [For Head Gear Films] Daniel Negret
  • Isle of Dogs  Editor Ralph Foster; Digital Compositor Gillian Simpson; Animators Frej Bengtsson, Quentin Haberham, Steve Warne, Adam M Watts & Laura Tofarides
  • Pacific Rim Uprising Digital Compositor Kia Coates; 2D Sequence Supervisor Chris Gooch
  • Tomb Raider  Co-Editor Tom Harrison-Read; Assistant Set Decorator Yasmin Al-Naib; Draughtsperson Isona Rigau; Location Marshall Hannah Cole
  • My Generation Producer Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly; Supervising Sound Editor Jason Price
  • Annihilation  Concept Artist Elo Soode; Assistant Sound Editor Dayo James; Sound Effects Editor Robert Malone; Visual Effects Producer Carlos Ciudad; Senior Compositor Dillan Nicholls; Location Marshall Sonia Hoogenstraten; Digital Compositors Adam Arnot & Chris Gooch; Digital Intermediate Operator Andrew Scattergood
  • You Were Never Really Here Writer/Director/Producer Lynne Ramsay; DoP Thomas Townend; Sound Designer/Supervising Sound Editor Paul Davies; Additional Sound Editor Morgan Muse
  • Darkest Hour  Composer Dario Marianelli; Editor Valerio Bonelli; Assistant Art Director Isona Rigau; Set Designer James Collins; Scoring Assistants Jessica Jones & Tim Morrish; Production Coordinator Lawrence Mason
  • Paddington 2 Composer Dario Marianelli; Scoring Assistants Jessica Jones & Tim Morrish; Concept Artist Elo Soode; Art Director [Additional Photography] Dominic Hyman; Art Department Assistant Jelle Rebry; Digital Compositors Luke Hardisty & David Sheldon; Digital Lab Operator Carl Thompson; Sound Mixer Danny Hambrook; Sound Effects Editors Dayo James & Robert Malone; Cashier Marta Henriquez
  • Suggs: My Life Story  Director Julien Temple
  • Molly’s Game DoP Charlotte Bruus Christensen
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi  Production Sound Mixer Stuart Wilson; Boom Operator Tom Fennell; Compositor Adam Arnot; Compositing Supervisor Dan Snape; Location Coordinator Caterina Boselli; Stand-By Art Director Huw Arthur; Concept Designer Kim Frederiksen; Concept Artist Tim Browning; Junior Set Designer Paul Savulescu
  • Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool DoP Ula Pontikos; Supervising Art Director Tom Weaving; Supervising Sound Editor Paul Davies; Supervising Dialogue & ADR Editor Ian Morgan; Dialogue Editor Jens Rosenlund Petersen
  • Loving Vincent Producer/Co-Writer/Co-Director Hugh Welchman; Rerecording Mixer Markus Moll; Boom Operator Alex Bryce
  • Justice League Art Department Assistant Owen Robertson
  • The Snowman  Set Decorator Tatiana Macdonald; Production Coordinator Lawrence Mason; Assistant Production Coordinator Sofia Guiotto
  • Goodbye Christopher Robin  Sound Assistant Victoria Lockwood
  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle  Art Directors Gary Jopling & James Morrall; Assistant Art Directors Patrick Harris & Jane Harwood; Junior Draughtsman Andrew Tilhoo; Art Department Assistants Irene Dimarca & Gareth Sprey; Sound Designer Rob Prynne; Assistant Sound Editor Rob Turner; VFX DoP Nigel Stone; Sound Assistants Joanna Andrews & Jodie Campbell; Assistant Colourist Sara Buxton; Digital Compositors Ross Allen, Luke Hardisty & Nicholas Zissimos; Asset Coordinator Rebecca Gibson;Set PA: AP Second Unit Sorcha Bradford


Recent TV Highlights


  • Sex Education Creator and Writer; Laurie Nunn
  • Cleaning Up Director Lewis Arold Director Robert McKillop
  • Fortitude: Metin Huseyin, Director; David Luther, DoP; Luke Hill, Production Designer; Max Berman, Concept Artist; Kimberley Pope, Concept Artist; Tom Goodwin, Draughtsman; Sophie Neil, Draughtsman; Chloe Kletsa, Art Dept Assistant
  • Britannia: Metin Huseyin, Director; Balazs Bolygo, DoP; Allan Niblo, Producer; Martin Jensen, Re-recording Mixer; Alex Ellerington, Supervising Sound Editor; Zach du Tait, VFX Generalist
  • Better Call Saul: Minkie Spiro, Director
  • The Missing: Tom Shanktland, Director; Una Ni Dhonghaile, Editor
  • Outlander: Douglas Mackinnon, Director; Metin Hiiseyin, Director; Martin Fuhrer, DoP; Denis Crossan, DoP
  • Tabula Rasa Writer Christophe Dirickx
  • Troy: Fall Of A City Editor Nicolas Chaudeurge; Compositor Bence Varga
  • Silent Witness Series XXI DoP Vanessa Whyte; Sound Mixer Ronald Bailey; Sound Assistant Nik Stojkov
  • Doc Martin Series VIII Sound Effects Editor Vicente Villaescusa
  • Doctor Who Series X Director Bill Anderson; DoP Stuart Biddlecombe
  • Black Mirror Series 4: USS Callister  Director Toby Haynes; DoP Stephan Pehrsson, Foley Editor Dario Swade, Boom Operator Kyle Pickford, Compositors Saruta Pisanwalerd and Bas Chatmaleerat; Floor Runner Misia Pawlowska
  • Black Mirror Series 4: Hang the DJ  DoP Stuart Bentley; Foley Editor Dario Swade
  • Black Mirror Series 4: Metalhead  Sound Assistant Maddie Quarm
  • Black Mirror Series 4: Black Museum  Foley Editor Dario Swade
  • Call The Midwife Series VII Cinematographer Stuart Biddlecombe; 2nd Assistant Sound Joanna Andrews; Sound Assistant Michael Sinden
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  • Twin Peaks: The Return Art Director Cara Brower
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  • Vlogglebox Sound Mixer Matthew Share
  • Taboo Re-recording Mixer Stuart Hilliker
  • Apple Tree Yard Writer Amanda Coe; Editor Paulo Pandolpho; Re-recording Mixer Martin Jensen
  • Rillington Place Composer Stuart Earl
  • The Crown Editor Una Ni Dhonghaile; Sound Rerecording Mixers Stuart Hilliker & Martin Jensen; Digital Compositor Victor Tomi; Additional VFX Supervisor: On Set Jorge Canada Escorihuela
  • The Young Pope Consultant Producer Lorenzo Gangarossa
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  • The Living And The Dead Creator/Executive Producer/Script Ashley Pharoah; Writer Simon Tyrell;  Cinematographer Suzy Lavelle; Editor Alastair Reid; Editor Daniel Greenway; Digital Compositors Felipe Olid Guerrero & Graham Dorey 
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  • Thirteen  Editor Hazel Baillie; Composer Jon Opstad; Rerecording Mixer Martin Jensen; FX Editor Alex Ellerington
  • Fresh Meat  Director Jamie Jay Johnson
  • Gotham Series 2  Executive Producer Danny Cannon
  • Wolf Hall DoP Gavin Finney; Sound Recordist Simon Clarke (tutor)
  • Grantchester Series 2 Production Co-ordinator Bryony Baily
  • Bear Grylls: Mission Survive  Executive Producer Tom Sheehan
  • Gogglebox Series 7  Sound Mixer Matthew Share
  • War and Peace  Composer Martin Phipps; Rerecording Mixer Stuart Hilliker; Boom Operator Vytautas Kizala
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  • Mr Selfridge Series 4  Director Fraser MacDonald; Assistant Production Co-ordinator Sofia Giuotto
  • Jericho  Director David Moore; DoP Maja Zamojda; Compositor Felipe Olid Guerrero
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