Short course


This intensive practical course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to pursue a successful future career as a Third, Second and First Assistant Director.  The course will be taught by top industry professionals and will also include certificated Health & Safety and Carbon Literacy training. Following the two weeks training students will be given the opportunity to work as 1st Assistant Director on a Royal Conservatoire of Scotland student 3-day film shoot.

This course combines classroom learning, practical exercises and experience as a First Assistant Director on a 2nd year student film at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

As part of the course students will undertake Health & Safety training as well a Carbon Literacy training day.

The course will cover:

- The roles and responsibilities of each member of the ADs’ department in pre-production and during the shoot
- Where the department fits in with production and how to work collaboratively with other departments
- The paperwork used by the whole of production as well as department-specific documents
- Set protocol, etiquette and communication skills
- How to break down a script for different purposes
- How to develop a shooting schedule
- The skills required to be a capable and successful Assistant Director
- Preparing a shoot with the director and key crew of the student film and running the set during filming
- Health & Safety training
- Carbon Literacy training
This course is for anyone wishing to work in the Assistant Director’s department. 

Fees and funding options

Fees for this course are as follows:

Course Rate: £845

Bursaries, supported by the Scottish Government, are also available for those who are eligible.


If you wish to apply for a bursary to contribute to the costs of your course, please read the bursary guidelines below carefully to confirm your eligibility. Please do not apply to a course unless you are sure you meet the bursary eligibility criteria or are able to pay for the course. 

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How to apply

Application deadline: Book Now

This course is now open for applications. 

Please apply by completing the application form and sending a copy of your CV to