Writing Script Notes for Industry

Short course


Delivered at our London premises in Golden Square and online

Written notes are a vital element in the development of any script/screenplay. They are the core of a good development process. A development process that will either make or break the project.

Script Development is the most demanding and least understood aspect of film making. Good development is the launch pad for every project. That is because without a great script a film or TV pilot is doomed before it even gets into production.

This means the ability to guide the development of the script, by using written notes, is one of the most important roles in the industry. It is a highly skilled profession that requires a broad knowledge of writing, cinema, the workings of the industry, and an intuitive sense of what makes a good story.

In this blended learning short course, Clive Frayne will teach you the fundamentals skills needed to create professional script notes. This will include an intensive face-to-face day designed to ensure you have the core knowledge and skills to accurately analyse a script and the ability to give relevant, useful feedback.

This will be followed by two online sessions where you will get feedback on notes you’ve development in two practical, homework exercises. By the end of the course, you should feel confident in your ability to read a script analytically, to generate industry standard notes, and to help formulate the development process of both short films and feature length scripts.

You will learn:

  • How to write development notes
  • How to write coverage
  • How to analyse a script and identify issues
  • How to create constructive notes
  • The pitfalls and dangers to avoid – how to avoid development hell

This course will require approximately fourteen hours of home study to complete the homework exercises. About 4-5 hours per week, for three weeks.

Corporate Rate: £1050

Freelance Rate: £525


Who is Your Tutor?

Clive Frayne is a development executive for Script Compass, a London-based firm that provides development packages and profession development consultation to the independent film industry. He is an award-winning writer with decades of experience both as a screenwriter and as a development consultant.

He is also the author of the critically acclaimed screenwriting book, “The Process of Screenwriting.”

His job as a development executive is to provide script analysis and development guidance to independent producers, directors, and screenwriters.