Our credits tell the story.

Animation today covers a broad range of techniques across a wide array of media. While technology is advancing rapidly, the importance of good storytelling is as vital as ever.

Application Deadline: 10 Jul 2014

Course Overview

This course emphasises story in partnership with design and visualisation. Our definition of animation is broad, covering almost any treated or stop frame technique and many students use a combination of techniques within their films. Students are encouraged to push the boundaries to find a new look, a fresh approach or a different angle.

Learning to build and work with a team is central to the course. Collaborative workshops with other filmmaking students help animation directors understand the roles of each crew member and the skills they bring to the filmmaking process.

Our aim is to educate people who can go out into the Industry with the widest possible range of skills, experience and Industry contacts. To achieve this in two years we have a packed curriculum of workshops, masterclasses, set projects and an MA dissertation.

Animation Department's website

The Animation department regularly arranges open days. Please email The Registry if you would like to visit.


Nick Park (Creator of Wallace & Gromit), Mark Baker (Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom) and Tony Collingwood (The Secret Show) studied at the NFTS.


Students develop their animation and storytelling skills by exploring relationships between animation, narrative and film language. Through experimenting with different techniques they broaden and enhance their personal style.

The MA Animation course includes:

  • Storyboarding
  • Creating character
  • Animation acting, and directing actors
  • Pixillation workshop
  • Industry project - working to a brief, devising and pitching
  • Visual / animated interpretation of a soundtrack
  • Dissertation
  • Research and script development for the graduation film
  • Graduation film – produced and post produced with students from other departments

Students receive specialised individual tuition according to the needs of their projects.

Unlike other schools, all production costs are met by the School. In addition you will be given a cash Production Budget. NFTS students are engaged in more productions as part of the curriculum than any of our competitors.

  • A Skillset-Accredited Directing Animation MA course
  • The MA course in Directing Animation offers extensive facilities for digital and traditional 2D and 3D techniques
  • Storytelling skills developed alongside technical expertise
  • Animators work with full filmmaking team
  • Studios and workspaces to make your own short graduation film
  • Unlike other schools, all production costs are met by the School.