NFTS Digital Effects Students Shine At Centroid Motion Capture


NFTS Digital Effects MA 1st year students have been learning about Motion Capture technology at Centroid.

Located at the world famous Pinewood and Shepperton Studios with a purpose built Full Performance Capture studio, Centroid boasts one of the industry's largest and most advanced facilities. Established in 1996, Centroid offers both full optical and head mounted camera solutions.

The motion capture module is an established part of the NFTS Digital FX MA. DFX students write, direct and produce an idea incorporating performance capture techniques, benefitting from the 8-year partnership between Centroid and the NFTS. By the end of the module the DFX students have a full understanding of how mo-cap techniques are advancing the VFX industry.

DFX MA 1st year student Boyan Baynov said, "I had a great day at Shepperton Studios and got a proper feel for what it's like to at the centre of the film industry. Centroid taught me all about mo-cap workflows as well how the data is handled, processed, and delivered to the client; all in all it was certainly an insightful and valuable experience."

This module follows hard on the heels of the renowned Take One Painting module, where DFX students learn the core VFX skills of Modelling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering CG, as well as 3D digital compositing.

And then there is the popular 'Gorefest' exercise, or Prosthetics Module, designed and delivered by world-famous prosthetics company, Millennium FX.

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