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Student Support

Student Support

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We support students with a wide range of disabilities, including but not limited to: 

  • Specific learning differences (such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD) 
  • Mental health difficulties (such as depression, bi-polar disorder) 
  • Long-term medical conditions (such as HIV, cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes) 
  • Sensory impairments (such as blindness, hearing loss or deafness) 
  • Mobility or physical impairments (such as paralysis, arthritis). 

We offer a number of services to students once registered. We can also provide advice on the application process and implementing any reasonable adjustments required at applicant stage for any interviews or workshops.

Services to students include:

  • Advice and information on support and Reasonable Adjustments
  • Information on additional funding which disabled students may be eligible to apply for such as the Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) (UK students only). More information and to check eligibility can be found on the Government's Disabled Students Allowance webpage.
  • Help if you're a student with a learning difficulty, health problem or disability - more information on the Government's Disabled Students Allowance webpage
  • Access to external professional support (i.e. counselling)

Students are encouraged to apply for the DSA as soon as they have received an acceptance of a place at NFTS, as it can take over 10 weeks from applying to receiving the support so early application ensure that support can be in place at the start of term 

Tailored Reasonable Adjustment Plans (RAP) 

Liaising with Heads of Departments, Tutors and coordinators to implement any reasonable adjustments required. 

To enable us to ensure that appropriate reasonable adjustments are considered to support you during your studies at NFTS we would suggest that you contact Student Support and Wellbeing Team as soon as possible via email at or alternatively call us on 01494 731 382 to arrange an appointment to discuss any support you may require to ensure that the support is in place before you start the course.

NFTS Disabled Talent Bursary

We are committed to supporting UK disabled talent and being a catalyst for meaningful change to issues faced by disabled talent within the UK screen and games industries. As part of our commitment to making the creative industries more accessible to disabled talent, we are providing dedicated funding to help to support UK students with disabilities to access our world-class training.

Five bursaries will be available for UK students applying to study on full time MA and Diploma courses from September 2024, providing up to £5,000 per annum each. Additional bursary support is also available for UK students applying to study part time Diploma and Certificate courses from September 2024 of up to £1,000 each. UK Students studying courses supported by NFTS scholarship and bursaries will also be eligible to apply for further funding from the School to help with tuition fee costs.

The funding aims to assist UK students who face significant additional costs because of the nature of their disability.  

The bursary could be used to help with costs such as:

  • Accessible accommodation 
  • Carers accommodation 
  • Additional heating and electricity costs
  • Travel expenses
  • Specialist and mobility equipment


  • Candidates must have been permanently resident in the UK for the last three years and hold a British passport in order to be eligible.
  • A learning difference (e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia, or AD(H)D)  
  • A visual impairment uncorrected by glasses (e.g. blindness or partial sight)  
  • A hearing impairment (e.g. D/deafness or partial hearing) 
  • A physical impairment or challenges with mobility (e.g. climbing stairs or uneven surfaces), or dexterity (e.g. using a keyboard or laboratory equipment)  
  • A social, behavioural or communication impairment (e.g. an autistic spectrum condition or Tourette’s Syndrome)  
  • A long-term illness or health condition which may involve pain or cause fatigue, loss of concentration or breathing difficulties – including any effects from taking associated medication. 
  • We cannot accept applications from individuals who only experience a mental health condition, challenge or disorder (e.g. anxiety or depression). 
  • We will require medical confirmation of your disability. This may be a letter from your health care provider, doctor or consultant, confirming your stated disability. 

How To Apply

On receiving an offer of a place on one of our courses, you will be given further information on how to apply, if you are eligible.

Applicants will need to provide medical evidence of their disability (from a GP, consultant or specialist practitioner) and provide information on how the funding will be used. Applications will be assessed by a panel comprised of NFTS representatives and the School’s Disability Advocate.