We welcome applicants from a diverse range of qualifications, backgrounds and experiences. But if you are too young to come to the NFTS to study, then when we review your application form, we may redirect you to a pathway route to the NFTS.

Typical pathway routes include doing an undergraduate course at another institution and/or independently developing work in your chosen specialism for your portfolio.

Often the courses we recommend are approved through the Creative Skillset course accreditation scheme. These courses are recognised within the UK as providing exceptional standards of training. You can find a list of these courses at http://courses.creativeskillset.org/pick_the_tick

Have you considered the Met Film School?

One institution we recommend is the Met Film School, particularly because it provides intensive practical programmes to prepare students for work in the industry or to continue their training at the NFTS.

The Met Film School is a unique film School based in Ealing Studios which delivers two-year intensive undergraduate programmes in practical filmmaking, cinematography, and visual effects and animation. Met Film School is part of the Met Film group, consisting of the school, a production company and a postproduction facility.

For many years the National Film and Television School has worked to support and advise the Met Film School as it develops its undergraduate filmmaking curriculum and its BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking. For example, many graduates of the NFTS teach at Met Film, the Director of the NFTS is on the advisory board, and every year Met Film graduates apply to come to the NFTS to pursue their chosen specialism at a postgraduate level. You can find out more about Met Film at http://www.metfilmschool.co.uk/

But remember that it’s always worth applying to the NFTS - you just need talent and a great portfolio

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Be part of the story.

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