NFTS Documentary Miss Curvy Wins at Grierson British Documentary Awards

Last night at the 2020 Grierson British Documentary Awards, NFTS Directing Documentary graduation film Miss Curvy, directed by Ghada Eldemellawy, was announced as winner of the prestigious All3Media Best Student Documentary Award!

Miss Curvy is a film about a Ugandan mother trying to navigate her past traumas through participating in Africa's first beauty pageant for plus-size women.

The judges said: "An unconventional, entertaining film that was a joy to watch. Its original take felt personal and with access to great characters, it was able to explore dark and light themes in a fresh voice. It did not shy away from controversy and the judges felt that they were in good hands; whilst the direction gave viewers the room to make up their own minds."

The win contributes to an already hugely successful year for Miss Curvy which has included being shortlisted for a BAFTA Student Film Award and nominated for a Student Academy Award!

The Miss Curvy team were not the only ones celebrating as Inside a Marriage, another NFTS Directing Documentary graduation film directed and produced by Ben Cheetham received a special mention in the same category. The judges commended its strong structure and themes that kept the story moving along, calling it “a cracking film”.

These films were two of four NFTS graduation films to be selected for this year’s awards along with Bananas and The Daydreamers and one of three NFTS films to be nominated for the Best Student Documentary award.

This is the 12th year running that NFTS students have made it to the nomination stage of the Grierson Awards and last night marks the seventh time NFTS graduates have won the All3Media Best Student Documentary Award since the category started in 2011.

The NFTS would like to extend a huge congratulations to all of the talented NFTS students that contributed to making these brilliant films - we couldn't be prouder of them all!

Find out more about the films below:

Miss Curvy – 2020 Graduation Documentary – WINNER

Miss Curvy is a film about a Ugandan mother trying to navigate her past traumas through participating in Africa's first beauty pageant for plus-size women.

Director/Producer-  Ghada Eldemellawy
Camera - Fabio Mota
Production Manager - Brendan Kavanagh
Editor - Gareth Pugh
Sound Recordist - Sam Jenkins
Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer - João Fonte
Composer - Sarah Ann Boughton
Colourist And Online Editor - Nigel Tadyanehondo
Inside a Marriage - 2020 Graduation Documentary - Highly Commended

After 10 years of marriage, Shilpa and Dipak have temporarily separated to take stock and consider whether they have a future together. Inside a Marriage follows their journey and questions what, at times of great adversity, holds families together.

Director/Producer/Camera - Ben Cheetham
Production Manager - Tian Boyce
Editor - Margred Pryce
Sound Recordists - Jonathan Willett, Jake Hickey
Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer - Ed Rousseau
Composer - Adam Speck
Colourist and Online Editor - Marco Valerio

Bananas – 2020 Graduation Film – Nominated


How did the humble bananas become the cheapest, most popular fruit in the world? Was it their taste? Their genes? Dark forces of capitalism? Travel through time on this epic journey and go bananas!

Writer/Director/Producer - Sara Montoya
Writer - Mel Barnes
Editor - Rachel Roberts
Composer - Ethan Jeffrey
Sound Designer - Breen Turner
Online Editor and Colourist - Marco Valerio Caminiti
The Daydreamers – 2020 Graduation Film – Shortlisted

What if you’re addicted to your own fantasy? The Daydreamers explores Maladaptive Daydreaming, a condition discovered by Professor Eli Somer. Protagonists Agatha and Jessica meet Somer on camera, providing a moving testimony of their experience living a life cut off from reality.

Director - Thomas Renckens
Producer - Said Englund
Camera - Twan Peeters
Assistant Camera - Lou Macnamara
Production Manager - Vigdis Maack
Editor - Ed Coltman
Sound Recordist - Griff Miles
Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer - Yin Lee
Composer - Natalia Tsupryk
Colourist and Online Editor - Michael Pearce

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