NFTS Scotland: Set Ready: Working in the Sound Department

Short course


In Person delivery, subject to government guidelines allowing, with COVID-19 protocols in place (as required)

This course prepares you to work in the sound department for film and TV production.

Led by Kian McClure, a highly experienced boom operator, who has worked on a huge range of productions from soap operas to major DC and Marvel superhero movies, this course gives you an insight into the roles, practices and principals of this most crucial of aspects of film production.

The course will guide you how to take whatever knowledge you have of production sound and compliment it with some fresh ideas to allow you to be ‘Set Ready’ for work.

This course is classroom based but will involve some hands on practical experience with some of the essential equipment you will find on any film set, anywhere in the world. It will cover many of the real world challenges faced for recording good sound and how to overcome them.  We will cover how the sound department operates on set, different roles and responsibilities and how to enter (and stay in) the department.

You will also learn just how many different departments sound interacts with.  Most notably editorial, camera, assistant directors, SFX, video and costume.

This course is for anyone who wishes to work in the sound department for film and those with some experience with film sound, and those with knowledge of sound from other sectors (music, theatre etc) wishing to apply it to the screen sector.

Fees and funding options

Fees for this course are as follows:

This course is currently available at no cost through the Early Entrant Pathways programme. 


How to apply

Application deadline: Register your interest

This course is currently running as part of the Early Entrant Pathways Programme

If you meet the eligibility criteria for this programme, please apply here