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Post Production. The importance of establishing a solid post production pipeline early on in the development of making a film or tv series is crucial.

This is the stage when all the ideas, script, performances, Picture, VFX and Sound come together, and are moulded into the final product. Done well, work carried out in Post can elevate a TV show or film to greatness, done poorly, it can overshadow a brilliantly written piece or even a performance of a lifetime.

This complex area of filmmaking requires a steady hand to oversee, and Post Producers, Supervisors and Coordinators are these key project managers. An experienced Post Team will collaborate with creative producers, directors and studio executives. They will help corral large groups of extremely talented creatives to complete the task of finishing a project, on time, on budget and allowing them to be as imaginative and innovative as possible. All this culminates in allowing the project the best chance of critical and commercial success upon release.

The Post Management Team must have a wide range of skills at their disposal; an encyclopaedic knowledge of Post Production and aptitude for adapting to constantly changing technical requirements. They must have good instincts about people management, managing big creative personalities and a well-developed support system within the industry. Further to this, they must have strong financial acumen to keep the schedule and budget on track. Keen observation and organisational skills and the ability to communicate well are paramount to becoming successful in this field.

This new part-time Certificate course delivered in partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD)/WarnerMediaAccess, Netflix and Prime Video is designed to give you a grounding in all the different areas that are key in post management. From technical, scheduling and budgetary information and experience to building relationships within the industry. The course is predominantly delivered via a weekly lecture over webinar, and we plan to deliver five face to face Saturdays in London at the NFTS base in Golden Square, where we will teach the elements needed to develop your career in Post, with insight from influential industry figures along the way.

All NFTS students can attend Masterclasses. Recent guests include David Fincher (Fight Club), Greta Gerwig (Little Women), Steve McQueen (12 Years A Slave), Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz), Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag), Ben Wheatley (Free Fire), Rapman (Blue Story), Louis Theroux, Debra Granik (Winter’s Bone), Denis Villeneuve (Bladerunner 2049), Lynne Ramsay (You Were Never Really Here), Sam Mendes (1917), Asif Kapadia (Senna), Joanna Hogg (The Souvenir), Russell T Davies (Doctor Who) and Roger Deakins (1917).

The School also regularly provides access to screenings and events both in Beaconsfield and London. 

Pic of DFX student working on film sequence

What you will study

This course has been put together in consultation with Warner Bros. Discovery, WarnerMediaAccess, Netflix, Prime Video,, Post Management professionals and the wider industry to make sure that we have a new wave of properly trained Post Co-ordinators and Post Supervisors to embrace the increased workload of content that has emerged. It takes time to build experience in Post Production, but this course offers rigorous training and insight into the practical elements of the job, arming students with the skills and knowledge needed to hit the ground running as a Post Production Coordinator who will be quickly ready to move up the ladder.

Students will learn the fundamentals of Post Production Management. From how Post Production has evolved, to the basics of how a Post Production office works and the differing roles within it. Students will be taught how a project is managed from the start of a production to the finish. You will learn how the Post Management Team works effectively with producers and directors, navigates codes of conduct and keep a firm hold of schedules, budgets and deal negotiations. In addition, you will be given access to industry professionals to network and assist in the transition to the post production workforce at a Co-ordinator level, and have access to job listings through

Module 1 – Pre-Production & Production, Post, before Post Production starts! 
The course begins by explaining how all the different decisions that are made before Post Production even starts affects what we do. We dig deeply into the DIT/Dailies workflows and learn to identify the important information for Post. We look at the documentation that is handed over from Production, and how this helps us move forward. We'll break down all the different roles, from production manager to directors, camera operators & actors’ agents to exec producer and how each one will work in partnership with the Post Management team. We will teach you the shorthand and indeed the etiquette that dictate how you interact. Furthermore, we plan to give students the opportunity to visit a filming location or studio and see first-hand the decisions being made in a production office and on the set.

Module 2 – Starting Post Production 
This module takes a step by step look at starting up Post on a project and getting everything up and running. You will learn the format of the documentation needed and learn the technical information you should have at your disposal from the outset. We will also be including a masterclass from an established Post Supervisor, directly discussing the relationships/political side of Post Management which is not often mentioned. This people management experience is just as much a part of the role as the technical knowledge.

Module 3 – Picture Post
This module looks into two key areas of Picture Post; Picture workflow and VFX. With the Picture workflow, we plan to visit a Picture Post Production Facility and then go into detail about all the different elements a Post Management team member needs to know about - Offline, Online and Grade  with a specific focus on scheduling, budgeting, delivery standards and documentation. We will teach you what you need from your picture Editorial crew and when, with VFX, we break the medium down into chunks and explain not only different types and workflows but give you a proper insight of how to schedule, budget & track this essential element of Post.

Module 4 – Sound Post
This module turns the spotlight on Sound and its indispensable role in TV and Filmmaking. We delve into what Sound teams receive from set and what needs to be added afterwards, breaking sound down into its component parts to fully explain the value each one adds. There is an old adage that ‘If it sounds right, it looks right’ and we will uncover the best ways of allowing the sound teams to fully utilize every weapon in their arsenal to get it right within the structure of a schedule and budget that properly allows them to do this. Further to this theme of sound, we will also look at the role that music plays and how to understand the contractual/budgeting/scheduling requirements of both Score and Source music. 

Module 5 – Accounts & Legal
Module 5 explores the least glamorous, but possibly the most important role of the Post Management team - budgeting, tracking costs and scheduling as well as the contractual law that is involved with Artist/Crew/Business contracts as much as clearances of all types - music, picture and product. We will be bringing in specialists, expert guest speakers who will share their experience, expertise and advice such as dedicated Post Accountants and contract law specialists to take you through every detail, ensuring you are confident when faced with real world situations.

We will be finishing the course with a crucial Networking event with Industry professionals from facilities and Post Supervisors. This will be invaluable in plugging you directly into a job!

Download programme specification (PDF) 

Course Leader

The course will be led by industry professional Gemma Nicholson of, who has 20 years of experience in different roles across film and television including post production. 

Advisory Board

The course has an advisory board which includes senior members of the post production community including Cynthia Kanner, Senior Vice President of Post Production at Warner Bros. Discovery/WarnerMediaAccess, and Alison Beckett, Director of Post Production UK & EMEA for Netflix. Members of the advisory board will deliver special Masterclasses as part of the course.

Fees and funding options

Fees for this course are as follows:

Course fee (for both International and Home): £865 per year

To ensure that the course is accessible to as many people as possible, the original course fee of £3,450 is being 75% underwritten by Warner Bros. Discovery/WarnerMediaAccess, Netflix and Prime Video. Due to this, successful applicants will pay £865 for the course.

Further scholarship support is available for students from diverse groups who may require financial assistance. Travel grants are also available to ensure that all students can take part in the course no matter where they are in the UK.

Entry requirements

We are looking for participants who are born people managers and have some production experience that we can build on. Post Management is an incredibly rewarding area of Film and TV and one that needs excellent communication and collaborative skills, a hunger to get ahead and an awareness of the technical workflows. You should have a good general education, but no other specific educational requirements but previous experience in some area of production is needed for this course. You need to be 18 years or over. Application to the course is competitive.

How to apply

Application deadline: 29 Sep 2022

The certificate program starts in January and September annually, and runs for a period of 6 months. 

In addition to completing the online application form, applicants must submit the following:
●    Please tell us about any relevant experience you may already have in Production, Post Production, in theatre/film/TV. (300 words max.)
●    What characteristics do you have that  would make you a good Post Supervisor? (300 words max.)

You can apply online by clicking on BEGIN YOUR APPLICATION below. We are happy to receive applications at any time up until the midnight of the application deadline date.

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