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Prime Video Craft Academy

Prime Video Craft Academy


Ready to take on your first big Industry role?

If you are committed to working in the film and television industry, are flexible to all departments and have an ambition to develop a craft specialism, then this is the opportunity for you. You'll be paid as you learn!

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"The UK is home to an extraordinary wealth of creative talent, and as our home-grown productions grow, we need to support a sustainable and diverse talent pool with world-class training, and a new creative generation for the industry."

Dan Grabiner
Head of UK Originals at Amazon Studios

“Having the experience of training from mentors, teachers and more from the industry has been incredible”

Preé Isaacs
Year 1 trainee

“The Prime Video Craft Academy is the perfect launch pad for anyone developing a career in the entertainment industry.

Max Fullerton
Year 1 trainee

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To read the information on this page in the Welsh language, please read this pdf.

The Prime Video Craft Academy delivered by the National Film and Television School has places for 25 people based in London, Cardiff and Glasgow on paid traineeships and apprenticeships working on a UK-produced Amazon Original Series or with our trusted Prime Video and Amazon Studios supply partners.

The Prime Video Craft Academy will be offering traineeships for those interested in broad foundation training and craft roles. And in addition, there will be an opportunity for those who prefer to take the apprenticeship route to apply for an apprenticeship at this point. For the first time we are piloting a flexi-apprenticeship and will be offering the opportunity to apply for a Level 4 Media Production Co-ordinator. At this stage the apprenticeship opportunity is only available in our Beaconsfield (London) hub. In Production Management, the traineeship will be offered as an apprenticeship qualification. All other disciplines will be traineeships. 

In 2022 Prime Video announced Prime Video Pathway (PVP), a first-of-its-kind, multifaceted £10million training initiative designed to open up access to jobs in the TV and film industry across the UK. The Prime Video Craft Academy is one of the key initiatives of PVP and is fully funded by Prime Video. Prime Video has a flagship collaboration with the UK’s leading TV and film school, the National Film & Television School and works closely with the NFTS to help support the trainees and apprentices with placements, training and connections.

The 25 Academy participants will:

  • Be given a 12-month contract with the NFTS
  • Work on some of the biggest TV productions, both scripted and unscripted, currently being made in the UK for Prime Video or by trusted partners
  • Learn a specialism - we are particularly keen to hear from people who are interested in Production Management, as we will be offering apprenticeships in this area.
  • Access training and support from the NFTS, which is widely regarded to be one of the top film schools in the world. 
  • Be awarded an NFTS Certificate in Production or a Media Production Co-ordinator apprenticeship on successful completion of the programme. 

We particularly welcome applications from historically excluded groups; i.e. those from racial backgrounds, disabled talent, those from lower social economic backgrounds, and from women in roles that have previously been male dominated.

We provide support for those with accessibility and adjustment needs at all stages of the application process. 

Case Studies

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Bethany: Sound trainee

Find out more about Bethany’s experience on the Prime Video Craft Academy! Bethany chose to specialise in sound and has had some amazing placement opportunities.


Play video

Eugenia: Production Assistant trainee

Eugenia had a brilliant placement working with Voltage TV as a Production Assistant as part of the Prime Video Craft Academy.

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Ravi and Arran: Grip and DIT trainees on Mr Bates vs The Post Office (W/T)

Ravi and Arran had a brilliant experience working as trainees on ITV Drama Mr Bates vs The Post Office.

Play video

Preé and Max: Video and Camera trainees on The Devil’s Hour

Find out more about Preé and Max’s experience working on the second season of Prime Video’s hit drama The Devil’s Hour as part of the Prime Video Craft Academy.

Selection Process

Stage 1

The National Film and Television School will read all eligible applications and decide on a shortlist.

We will be looking for applicants who show a level of commitment, passion and skills from past experiences. Please give details of interests or other activities you have done that would be an asset in the film and TV industry. Transferable skills are important, as is any extra curricula work – eg work with charities, on social media and independent content producing.

Before being approved for attendance at the selection workshop, applicants will be asked to provide evidence of their right to work in the UK. 

Stage 2

Up to 50 applicants for the trainee and apprenticeship roles will be shortlisted to attend a selection workshop which will take place in person over the three days of 8th – 10th November hosted at The National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield. Please don’t apply for the traineeship/apprenticeship if you are not available on these dates. You will be notified by 10th October if you have progressed to this stage. Bursaries are available to help those in need of financial support to meet the out-of-pocket travel and accommodation expenses of attending the workshop.  

The selection workshop will involve learning about the film and TV industry and participating in practical workshops. Plus an interview. 

After the selection workshop the NFTS will write to all candidates to advise them of the outcome by the end of November.

Traineeship contracts will start on 1st January 2024 and will run until 31st December 2024. Apprenticeship contracts will start on 1st January 2024 and will run until approximately 31st March 2025.


Please make every attempt to attend one of our briefing sessions – our online open days are listed on our events page – as this will probably answer most of your questions and help you understand the process and give you a better chance of being successful.

Q: When is the closing date for applications?
A: 14 September 2023

Q: What happens if I apply after the deadline has closed?
A: Your application will not be considered. This opportunity is open for applications for eight weeks and no late applications will be considered.

Q: When will I hear back about my application?
A: Successful candidates who will progress to the selection workshop will be notified by the 10th of October 

Q: When will the interviews take place?
A: Interviews will take place as part of the selection workshop over the three days of 8th – 10th November 

Q: Where will the selection workshop and interviews take place?
A: They will be at the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield.

Q: What happens if I am successful in my application, but I don’t live near where the productions are taking place or the training course?
A: You need to be located – or relocate – to be near to one of the NFTS UK wide locations in Beaconsfield, Cardiff or Glasgow to benefit fully from the traineeship on offer. You may need to commute or even move away from home temporarily to work on production.

Q: If I relocate will the programme support with relocation fees or housing?
A: We are unable to support with relocation fees or housing so you will need to be able to be based a commutable distance from one of our three hubs (Beaconsfield (London), Cardiff or Glasgow).

If you are willing to relocate, you are welcome to include this on your cover letter but please note that the aim of this traineeship is to provide opportunities for those living in London, Cardiff and Glasgow.

Production takes place all over the UK so trainees should be prepared to commute or temporarily relocate at points during their traineeship. We will do our best to minimise the need for travel and will aim to find you placements near home in the first instance. If temporary relocation is necessary to work on a production, we will consider requests for bursaries to support trainees as needed.

Q: What hours will I do?
A:  During training your weekly hours will be based on a standard 35-hour week. However, during production placements, this may be up to 55 hours per week.

Q: If I’m busy or working on the dates of the selection workshop, can I still take part in this programme?
A: No attendance at these three days are a compulsory part of the process. 

Q: I’m under 18, but I really want to start working, can I apply?
A: Due to health and safety, all applicants must be 18 or over on or before 1st January 2024 

Q: Is this aimed at school/college/uni leavers only?
A: While we have a minimum age of 18 there is no maximum age. We would welcome applications from those with transferrable skills who might be looking to move into the TV and Film industry.

Q: How long will the traineeship last?
A: The traineeship lasts for 12 months.  The apprenticeship is likely to be 15 months. You will be on a full-time contract for the duration of the traineeship/apprenticeship, so you will need to be available to work and study for the whole period and you are not expected to take on outside work.

Q: What's the pay?
A: You will be paid a salary of £33,800 before tax. 

Q: If I am successful, when will I start?
A: The start date will be 1 January 2024

Q: Will I be eligible for holiday leave?
A: As an employee of the National Film and Television School, you will receive 20 days of paid leave per year plus bank holidays. When you can take it will need to be negotiated and agreed. 

Q: Do I need to have a driving licence?
A: No, you do not need a driving licence to apply for this scheme. However, being able to drive is a really valuable skill in this industry so we will be offering bursaries towards the cost of driving lessons to support any of our trainees and apprentices who would like to learn. 

Q: I know I want to be a Director / Screenwriter is this the right thing for me? I want to work in editorial roles – eg researcher is this the right course for me?
A: No, this is for people who want to work in production and want to develop a craft specialisation.

Q: I’m already working in my chosen specialism, is this the right thing for me?
A: This is a foundation training scheme where trainees will be given an overview of many different departments. There is potential to develop a specialism within the year but, if you’re already very focussed and working in your chosen area, this is not the right scheme for you.

Q: The website says you welcome applications from historically excluded groups. What does that mean? 
A: The under-represented groups we look at primarily relate to the protected characteristics as defined in the UK Equality Act 2010.
You should use the following list as a guide for what areas of historically excluded groups we are seeking to address:
•    Age
•    Disability
•    Gender reassignment
•    Pregnancy and maternity 
•    Race
•    Religion or belief
•    Sex
•    Sexual orientation

In addition to the protected characteristics recognised by the Act, the NFTS also seeks to address historically excluded groups in the following areas:

•    Regional participation
•    Socio-economic inclusion
•    Caring responsibilities

Q: What adjustment and accessibility support is available?
A: We aim to support the needs of our deaf, disabled and neurodivergent applicants and will work with the individual(s) on a case-by-case basis to determine their needs. In the past we have made provisions which have included: additional support with the application process and provided external support during the traineeship. 

Q: What is the difference between a traineeship and an apprenticeship?
A: The traineeship will engage you in training and employment on placements over the course of 12 months. You will be able to gain credits for the work undertaken on the productions you are placed on. The apprenticeship runs over approximately 15 months. You will also be placed on the same productions as your trainee colleagues. The training and documentation of your work while you are on placement adheres to the apprenticeship standard for Media Production Co-ordinator. This is a formal qualification, which at the end provides you with a higher apprenticeship award.

Q: What work is involved in “passing/qualifying” for an apprenticeship?
A: The apprenticeship has got an end-point assessment. The main part of it is for you to undertake a production project. This project will either be undertaken on a professional production or on one of the master student productions at the NFTS. You will need to document your project and write a report at the end. The training will prepare you for this, and you will receive ongoing mentoring support throughout the apprenticeship and during the project period. Once the project is concluded, you will write a report and be assessed in a presentation and answering questions on it.

Q: Will there be additional training for the apprenticeship?
A: Whilst there will be some overlap in the training between traineeships and apprenticeships, the apprenticeship training will be more specific in the discipline of production co-ordination, in addition to learning about all aspects of film and TV productions along with the trainees.

Q: Why is there a longer contract for the apprenticeship?
A: It is a legal requirement for apprenticeship training to have a minimum duration of 12 months. 
After that is the assessment period, during which you be employed at the same salary as the training/placement period and gain additional experience during your project.

Q: Will you be offering traineeships as well as apprenticeships in Production Management?
A: For production management, we will only offer an apprenticeship as an option.

Q: Can I apply for both the traineeship and apprenticeship?
A: No. For the apprenticeship we are looking for candidates who are very focussed in Production Management and who are based in Beaconsfield/London. If you are not fully committed to Production Management, and would like to experience different departments, or if you are committed to Production Management but would like to be based in either Cardiff or Glasgow, we would advise applying for the traineeship. If you are fully committed to Production Management and are based in Beaconsfield/London, we would advise applying for the apprenticeship.

Q: What happens at the end of the traineeship or apprenticeship?
A: Upon completion of the programme, the NFTS and Prime Video will work with the individual participants to plan and support their next steps. And, of course, you will have gained skills and experience that are very much in demand in the industry. We can’t guarantee you will be offered further work.