Roughly 50,000 screenplays are registered every year with the WGA, and at least as many TV concepts are out there right now. In this highly competitive world of writing for film and television, the screenwriter can’t merely learn the principles, art and craft of screenwriting to ensure success. A ‘good story well told’ is simply not enough.

In this 6-months Certificate course, delivered in central London and online, we take a radically different approach, in which the writers themselves become the focus of the process. 

An individual ‘voice’ is the currency of the writer – it’s what shapes our work, makes it distinctive, and most importantly, what makes it sell. To make our mark in this demanding and overcrowded industry we need to develop stories that only we can write.

Over the course of six months, in group and one-to-one sessions, the selected participants will be helped to discover their own individual voice, and mine their own lives, experiences, dreams and obsessions to find stories that resonate personally.

Participants will meet in central London one evening a week for six months. They will develop a number of stories from concept through to treatment or bible and beyond via a combination of discussions, exercises and development workshops. They will be expected to write in their own time and deliver work in advance of each class.

What you will study

How can screenwriters put themselves ahead of the game and grab an audience’s attention? Are there lessons from the world’s master screenwriters? it a coincidence that successful screenwriters often write different versions of the same core story over again? Could it be that the key to their success is that they are writing from a place of emotional truth and it’s this that really connects with audiences the world over?  

Participants in this course will adopt a variety of methods to discover what makes them tick as a writer, what stories resonate emotionally with them and implement these home truths into working practice. Over the course they will discover and hone their voices, develop market-ready treatments for a feature film and TV pilot, write specimen scenes, and learn some of the skills needed to pitch themselves and their work to industry professionals.

The goal on successful completion of the course is to have a number of projects at various stages of development ready to be presented to the industry.

Fees and funding options

Fees for this course are as follows:

Home/EU/EEA £3,550

This course is only open to UK and EU/EEA applicants.

A non-refundable deposit of £500 is required against the cost of your fees on confirmation of your place.

Entry requirements

We’re looking for people who are passionate about screen stories and eager to pursue or further develop a career in screenwriting. You should have a good general education, but no other specific educational requirements are needed for this course. Previous experience of writing screenplays, or knowledge gained from a University or College media course, would be advantageous, but not essential.

In addition to what we hope will be a solid portfolio of work-in-progress to polish and present to the industry, successful completion could lead to an interview for those interested in applying to the two-year MA Course in Screenwriting at the NFTS. 

If you have any questions, please email info@nfts.co.uk.

How to apply

Application deadline: 20 Oct 2019


Applicants should complete the online application and submit 10 pages of a short, feature or television screenplay.

You can apply online by clicking on BEGIN YOUR APPLICATION below. We are happy to receive applications at any time up until the midnight of the application deadline date.

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