Student Union

What is the NFTS Students’ Union?

The NFTS Students’ Union is an independent, student-led body that represents the interests of all students at the NFTS.

How do I become a member of the NFTS Students’ Union?

All students registered for a programme of study with the NFTS become members of the Students’ Union for the period of their registration unless they specifically opt out by informing the Council Secretary (the School’s Finance Director) in writing.

Who runs the NFTS Students’ Union?

The Students’ Council

The primary role of the Students’ Union is to serve as a medium for representing to NFTS governance genuine student body issues in educational, cultural, sporting, social and general interests. The Students’ Union Council acts as an executive office of the Students’ Union and co-ordinates any clubs, societies and social activities as well as supporting and sponsoring any charitable activities and student involvement that the Union may wish to participate in. The Council is an excellent way for students to engage in School issues and take leadership roles in student body activities.

President of the Students’ Union

The President acts as the Executive Officer of the Students’ Union and is Chair of the Student Council. The Presidents takes care of School-wide issues, sharing responsibilities with all the Council members in the larger tasks to help make sure things are coordinated. The President sits on the Board of Governors, the highest governing and decision-making body of the School, to give the students’ perspective on the high-level concerns of the School and to communicate concerns of students. This role is usually elected in November for a one-year term.

The President is supported by three other elected School Representatives members who are all MA students.  

These roles are usually elected in June for a one-year term.

For further information on the Students’ Union and the Student Council, please see the NFTS Student Union Bye-laws.

Student Union policies

Current Student Union President

Leto Meade is the third elected NFTS Student Union President and recent graduate from NFTS in Animation 2020-2022. 

The key manifestos we look to achieve are:

  • Creating safe and accessible spaces for students to voice their views and concerns 
  • Advise students on any queries they may have
  • To listen - the student voice is the most powerful tool 
  • Set up events and activities where students get to network and partake
  • Build a strong bridge of communication between students and management 
  • Set up societies that represent student interests 

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