Virtual Production (Filmmaking with real-time technologies)

24 weeks Part-time

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Application deadline 24 Oct 2024

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Virtual Production (Filmmaking with real-time technologies)


Build a virtual production career in this thriving and cutting edge industry

Virtual Production (VP) is a rapidly growing area of content production, and the UK is facing unprecedented demand for individuals with skills in this area. By combining CGI, game-engines, and virtual reality technologies, VP enables completely new ways of making film and TV, from virtual scouting, to set design, to real-time, on-set visual effects. VP techniques impact many core disciplines within filmmaking and television production, from cinematography, to production design, VFX, animation, directing and beyond.

In partnership with Dimension

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“For a live performance director making the move to screen directing, this was the perfect mix of technical training, hands-on studio practice and exposure to top-of-their-game professionals.”

Robyn Winfield-Smith
Director and 2023 course participant

"The course not only opened my eyes to the possibilities of merging technology with design and storytelling but has also helped me better understand the post-production process."

Feras Nour
Art Director and 2023 course participant

"A particular highlight was connecting with fellow students from many different disciplines. We've even collaborated on some animation, VP and VR projects since.”

Matthew Cowan
Animation Director and course participant

“Virtual Production is the future and the course will enable me to take a huge step forward in my career. The creative possibilities are very exciting.”

Leslie Lee
Course graduate and freelance Documentary Producer/Director

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This course will introduce you to the core technical and filmmaking skills required to work on a VP project using an LED Stage driven by Unreal Engine. On completing the course you could go on to fill key artistic and technical roles, including Technical Artists, Lighting Specialists, Colour Specialists, Technical Designers/Directors, Camera Hardware/Software Pipeline Engineers, LED Hardware Engineers, or VP Technical Generalists. 

The course offers theoretical and practical experience delivered via weekly online seminars as well as approximately four weekends of hands-on workshops using our VP LED wall and facilities at the NFTS Beaconsfield Film Studios.

Thanks to our partnership with Dimension Studio, who have been leading the field in Virtual Production in recent years, participants will enjoy invaluable access to industry experts and insight, including a visit to their world-class Virtual Production facilities. They are also providing six highly sought after, subsidised spaces for diverse talent across the UK.

Funding Available

To ensure that the course is accessible to as many people as possible, 6 places on the course are being 75% underwritten by Dimension Studio.