Acting For Directors

Acting For Directors

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In order to effectively work with actors, it is important to understand the journey from casting to performance from their point of view.

Acting for Directors gives directors, writers and other film-makers the opportunity to walk in the shoes of the actor. By gaining a more thorough understanding of the actor’s process you will be able to work with actors in a much more creative, collaborative and successful way.

The course will demonstrate and explore a range of tools and techniques that can be employed at all of the film making stages involving actors, from auditions to work on the set.

There will be a mixture of both discussions and practical exercises. Everyone will take part in the practical exercise so that you are provided with a real understanding of what it is to be the person in front of the lens. This will enable you to gain a more thorough understanding of what sort of directorial approaches and notes are genuinely helpful and useful to your actors.

Each participant will take part in acting exercises, however zero previous acting experience is required. It is not about how ‘good’ you are, but your willingness to give things a go so that you can enrich your understanding of what you are asking of your cast. You will leave armed with new techniques, tactics and tools for future work and collaboration.

This workshop is tutored by Theatre Director Marieke Audsley and comments from her past courses include:

"Marieke was awesome. Loved it!"

"Loved that it wasn't technical/textbook, but instead an insight to a lot of great experience"

"Excellent course and tutor"