An Introduction to Short Filmmaking

Short course


If you have a burning desire to become a filmmaker, then making a short film is the ideal way to take that first significant step on the filmmaking ladder. Not only will the production of a short film introduce you to every key aspect of the filmmaking process, but it can also provide you with the ultimate ‘calling card’ to showcase your talents. 

This 2-day introductory filmmaking course which is aimed at beginners, strips away the mystique of film production and shows that anyone with drive and passion can write, direct & produce a short film. It is specifically geared towards those who no longer want to just talk about making a film, but actually want to get down to the nitty-gritty of actually making a film.

The course will cover as much ground as possible, so that attendees gain a broad overview of the whole filmmaking process – from story and script development right through to the finished film. There will also be on-going opportunities for Q & A, allowing attendees to deal with specific queries and concerns as and when they arise.

Bruce Windwood is an independent film producer, scriptwriter and director based in Oxfordshire. His feature film, “12 In A Box” (co-staring Miranda Hart), has been sold internationally, won three prestigious awards and been critically acclaimed by the likes of ‘The Los Angeles Times’ and ‘The Hollywood Reporter’. Bruce is also a commissioned scriptwriter for both TV & Radio and has been teaching film for the last 12 years.

Corporate Rate: £650

Freelance Rate: £325

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As part of our work to diversify the screen industry workforce, there is reduction in fees of up to 50% made available by our partnership with the BFI for freelancers with disabilities, who are ethnically diverse or from lower socio-economic backgrounds

Please state ‘APPLYING ADDITIONAL BFI FUNDING’ at the end of your Why do you want to attend?’ statement in order for your submission to be considered

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