Corinne Cartier 1955-2015

The NFTS is deeply sad to announce that Corinne Cartier, Head of Screenwriting has passed away following a courageous two year struggle with cancer. During her illness, Corinne continued to play an active role in the School and the Screenwriting Department, which was very dear to her heart.

NFTS Director Nik Powell gave the following tribute:

“Corinne made an inestimable contribution to the NFTS, not only as Head of Screenwriting, but also in her involvement in every aspect of the life of the School.  Most of all she fiercely championed her student and graduate screenwriters both within and outside the School. The success of her graduates is testament to all her tireless efforts, as evidenced only last week by a BAFTA nomination received by screenwriter Islay Bell-Webb for Slap and a BAFTA plus now an Oscar nomination for Jennifer Majka on The Bigger Picture.  This, for me, demonstrates a lasting legacy which will be felt by students, graduates and staff, past and present, industry colleagues and friends. In due course, the NFTS will organise a Memorial event to celebrate her life and time at the School.”

Prior to joining the NFTS in 2004, Corinne worked in the British Film and Television industry for over 20 years, chiefly as a Development and Production Executive. For 5 years she was the Director of the PAL Screenwriters Labs, the respected UK Writers’ Development Programme for working screenwriters, sponsored by Sony, Skillset and the UK Film Council, where she identified, helped develop and nurture the talent and scripts of over 100 writers from all over the UK, with five feature films going into production. The Labs attracted some of the most interesting talent in recent years, such as filmmakers Andrea Arnold and Gabriel Range, documentarist Sean MacAllister, director Rupert Wyatt, playwright Gurpreet Batti and screenwriter Simon Beaufoy.

Corinne’s production, script editing and casting experience spans pop promos (Julien Temple), over 200 hours of television and mini series (Ruth Rendell; Chandler and Co); British indie features (Chris Petit) and America epics (Steven Spielberg). Her corporate posts have included Head of Development at TVS; Script and Production Executive for Skreba Films; Development producer at Parallax; Script Editor/Associate Producer at Boyds Co; and work for American companies Amblin, Marstar and Brooksfilms.

Part of a show business family, Corinne’s father was the legendary pioneer of BBC drama, Rudolph Cartier (Quatermass, 1984), her mother was doyenne casting director, Maggie Cartier (Elephant Man, Amadeus). Corinne was a graduate of Bristol University Drama Department, Godolphin & Latymer School, and the Lycee Francais de Londres.

Corinne will be deeply missed by everyone at the NFTS, all the colleagues she has supported, the students she has taught, the talent she has fostered, and by her husband Robert and son Max. She was an inspiration and a role model, a champion of her screenwriters and of screenwriting and its power to move us. Her life has touched the lives of many, and for that, we are all very grateful.

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