NFTS Animation Bunnyhood Chosen for La Cinéf, Showcasing Ground-Breaking Student Talent at Cannes 2024

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It Was Born Out Of Experimentation, Says Director Mansi On Her Grad Film Being Screened At Cannes

The National Film and Television School (NFTS) is proud to announce that 2024 graduation film Bunnyhood, has been selected for the prestigious La Cinéf category at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival.


Bunnyhood, a surreal animated film exploring a young girl's anxiety, is the brainchild of Mansi Maheshwari, a recent NFTS graduate of the Directing Animation MA. The film is one of only 18 selected shorts (14 live action and 4 animations) from among 2,263 submissions from film schools around the world.

A frenzied, 9-minute rollercoaster ride

Featuring the voice talents of Nina Wadia (Goodness Gracious Me, Bend It Like Beckham), Bunnyhood continues NFTS’s legacy as the leading institution at La Cinéfondation, having secured more student film selections since the event’s inception in 1998 than any other film school globally. This year marks the fourth consecutive selection of an NFTS student film at La Cinéf.


Nina Wadia

Nina Wadia in sound recording session. Photo Credit: Callum Bentley


Bunnyhood is a frenzied, 9-minute rollercoaster ride, described by Directors Notes as “pure nightmare fuel,” and akin to “watching the scribbled drawings etched onto an old school desk come to life”, highlighting its unique visual and thematic approach.

The film’s narrative centres on young Bobby who confronts the nature of truth during an unexpected hospital visit, setting the stage for a profound exploration of lies and protection among loved ones.


Bunnyhood poster

Bunnyhood is that sweet spot between childhood and adulthood when we learn about this “ugliness” within ourselves

Director Mansi Maheshwari, who graduated from the NFTS Directing Animation MA in February 2024 shared insights into the film’s genesis: “Creating Bunnyhood was a journey that started with a moment of self-reflection. I caught myself in a lie, making me wonder why I did it. I realised how we often tell lies to protect the ones we love from the harsh truths of this world. Ultimately, I realised deceit is a behaviour we adopt, especially in tough times, to achieve our desires. That's where the idea of the bunny came in, each lie chips away at our honesty until we're transformed into deceitful creatures."

Close up of woman drawing

Mansi illustrating a character from Bunnyhood. Photo Credit: Callum Bentley

Mansi continued; "The truth is, we've all been bunnies at some point. Bunnyhood is that sweet spot between childhood and adulthood when we learn about this “ugliness” within ourselves. In this film, I express myself through 2D animation, blending humour with darkness. Emphasising the restless nature of lying, I opted for quick drawings to convey the anxiety it brings. The fast-paced rhythm keeps viewers on their toes, mirroring the alertness required in navigating deception.”

Producer Ashionye Ogene added: “The journey of Bunnyhood has been one of joy, experimentation and growth for all involved. I’m thrilled to see our film resonating with festivals on a global scale, especially at Cannes, It’s a testament to the talents of the entire team and Bunnyhood’s stand out Director Mansi Maheshwari. Being on this prestigious platform allows Bunnyhood to reach a global audience and inspire young filmmakers worldwide to be bold and honest about who they really are, and we couldn't be more proud to share its message with the world.”

Ashionye Ogene with Mansi

Ashionye and Mansi. Photo Credit: Callum Bentley

In addition to Bunnyhood, the NFTS Animation department celebrates further success at Cannes with the inclusion of Sister Midnight in Director's Fortnight, a film which features NFTS graduate Honor Price's expertise in stop-motion.

Robert Bradbrook, head of NFTS Animation commented: “Mansi has a unique voice that is brilliantly expressed in the crazy but poignant Bunnyhood. It is remarkable how far she has progressed on the Directing Animation MA course, especially considering that she had never done drawn animation before coming to the NFTS but is now premiering her graduation film at Cannes.”

Editing Bunnyhood

Editor Kaupo Muuli. Photo Credit: Callum Bentley

Congratulations to all the NFTS crew who brought Bunnyhood to life! It will premiere at the 27th edition of La Cinéf in Cannes on Thursday 23rd May, showcasing the talents and innovative storytelling fostered at the NFTS.

Bunnyhood NFTS Credits

Director/Animator Mansi Maheshwari
Producer Ashionye Ogene
Screenwriters Anna Moore, James Davis
Cinematographer Adam Pietkiewicz
Production Designer Dan Miskimmon
Production Manager Ellie Lomas
Editor Kaupo Muuli
Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Alex Faingold
Composer Marcin Mazurek
Colourist/Online Editor Cameron Ward


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