NFTS Diverse Writers Development Programme Nears Completion, Supported By Sony Pictures Television And Left Bank Pictures

The National Film and Television School (NFTS) and Left Bank Pictures, the production company behind the acclaimed series The Crown, is nearing the conclusion of its unique 10-week Diverse Writers Development Programme, backed by Sony Pictures Television. Designed to amplify the voices of six promising writers from across the UK, the participants were selected from a record number of applications and chosen for their exceptional potential to bring fresh and diverse perspectives to the UK’s television industry.


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The writers began the programme in March 2024, with a number of sessions held at the London offices of Sony Pictures Television. Each participant led a writers room for the first time, engaging with character development, plot structure and dialogue to generate commercially viable television drama concepts. Under the expert guidance of tutors David Chikwe and Brian Ward, the writers also benefitted from numerous industry guests providing their unrivalled advice and expertise.

As the programme approaches its conclusion, the six writers are now preparing to pitch their original ideas to Left Bank Pictures executives Florence Haddon-Cave, Head of Development, and John Phillips, Executive Producer.  This final stage is designed to simulate the professional pitching process, providing the participants with valuable experience in selling their scripts and ideas within the competitive television landscape.

The NFTS, Sony Pictures Television and Left Bank Pictures are proud to showcase the considerable talent and diversity of these screenwriters and look forward to seeing them progress in their careers, potentially leading to new and innovative projects for the UK's film and television industry!

As our six writers embark on the next stage of their careers, find out more about this year’s cohort and how to connect with them:


“An incredible crucible of creativity - this programme was such a unique opportunity to level up my experience, and lead a writers’ room of hugely talented writers. No one else offers this real-world training in the UK - it’s been a privilege pushing my skills and craft with such blooming marvellous people. I’ve grown so much from it!”

Angela brings a rich background as a best-selling crime thriller novelist and screenwriter with significant experience across a raft of productions. Her extensive work includes contributions to adaptations such as Agatha Christie's Tommy and Tuppence series, and formed part of the writing team for psychological drama Wildfire and Channel 4’s Siege. A sufferer of the rare genetic condition Ehlers Danlos Syndrome III, Angela is passionate about bringing disabled talent and stories into the industry.

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“Being part of the Diverse Writers Development Programme has been such an incredible learning curve and I’ve met the most amazing people on it. Having spent every day with them for the past ten weeks, I know that I’ve found a group of fellow writers whose work I’m going to be excited to watch for the next ten years.”

A writer-performer with a vibrant theatre background and multiple accolades, Kate is currently working on commissions with production companies Baby Cow and Magic Hour whilst participating in the programme. Her experience in theatre and her nomination for Best New Sitcom at the British Comedy Guide Awards lend a dynamic range to her screenwriting capabilities.

Instagram | @k8.reid
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"I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my fellow writers; I am grateful for the wealth of knowledge and support within the cohort as it has been a transformative experience for my writing journey."

Liz is a playwright and screenwriter who was recently the Creator in Residence at Baby Cow Productions. She has a strong foundation in theatre and has developed original TV series concepts while contributing to popular children’s programming.  Liz's participation in the course is part of her continuous development in both theatre and television writing.

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“The Diverse Writer's Development Programme has been incredibly valuable in giving me the practical experience of running my own writer's room, eye-opening insight into the industry and a really specific understanding of how I might tailor my ideas for screen.”

Zain has already made a mark with his debut play receiving critical acclaim and an Olivier Award nomination. An alumnus of BBC Drama Room's 2022-23 cohort, his involvement in the programme is a step towards expanding his already promising career into screenwriting for television. His latest play, Dizzy will premiere at the Sheffield Playhouse in September 2024.


“The programme has been a fantastic opportunity to bring my writing to another level and work on fresh new ideas with some incredible screenwriters. Having the freedom to develop progressive, commercially viable projects with Left Bank Pictures and build my collaborative skills in writers' rooms has bolstered my creative and professional toolkits and left me feeling ready to take the next big step in my career.”

A screenwriter and script editor, Rowan has worked on the editorial teams of Silent Witness and Beyond Paradise. They are especially drawn to genre fiction and stories about characters on the fringes of society, aiming to push the boundaries of screen storytelling beyond the conventional and champion onscreen intersectional inclusivity in meaningful ways. Rowan’s writing has been shortlisted for New Writing North’s Writing for TV Award, ITV’s Original Voices and BBC Writers Room, and they are currently developing several projects including the BFI supported short film Beholder.

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“I'm so grateful to be part of this project, the cohort is so talented and the wealth of knowledge shared with us every week is truly staggering. I'm constantly saying thank you to everybody, I haven't quite figured out why no one is sick of me.”

Roger has transitioned from a successful acting career into writing, driven by a desire to create more nuanced roles for black actors. Roger is developing original material for TV and film and is currently executive producing and starring in a feature-length documentary about his mother’s battle with mental health. Other writing credits include contributions to his mother's book 'Miracle In Kigali' which chronicles her journey surviving the Rwandan genocide of 1994.

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