NFTS Earns Prestigious Recognition in The Rookies 2023 Global Rankings!

The National Film and Television School is thrilled to announce it has been recognised in not one but two categories in The Rookies 2023 Global Rankings, the gold standard in evaluating educational institutions preparing creatives for thriving careers in the media and entertainment industries.

The Rookies is a prestigious platform for aspiring creators in games, animation, visual effects, immersive media, motion graphics and 3D visualisation, with the NFTS named in the Production Excellence - Visual Effects and Production Excellence – Mobile Games categories. As the ultimate benchmark for excellence in creative media education worldwide, we are delighted to see the achievements of our Visual Effects and Games Design and Development MA’s alumni, students and staff celebrated!

rookies global school rankings 2023

The NFTS ranked 6th in the world for Production Excellence in Visual Effects - an accolade that recognises schools for their exceptional dedication to teaching the intricacies of visual effects, particularly evident in the outstanding results achieved by their students in the creation of captivating short films. These schools not only impart the skills required for visual effects, but also cultivate a collaborative team environment akin to a professional production studio.

“Our Visual Effects course is exceptional, not just by providing technical training – but by providing the kind of environment where students grow under our mentorship into production ready artists - really understanding collaboration, design and story. I am honoured that with the hard work of our talented alumni and students, The Rookies recognises our unique endeavour and that what we do in VFX at the NFTS now has the industry’s ‘rubber stamp’.” - Ian Murphy, Head of Visual Effects

Production Excellence in Mobile Games is an esteemed recognition that applauds schools for their exceptional dedication to teaching the art of game development tailored for mobile platforms, for which the NFTS ranked 7th in the world. This recognition is prominently demonstrated by the outstanding results achieved by their students in the creation of engaging and innovative mobile games.

“We're thrilled that the brilliant Rookies has recognised the excellent work of our games students at the NFTS in the mobile space. Our students create games in many styles and for many platforms, and our graduates are finding meaningful and powerful places within the industry. This prestigious award reflects the amazing work and talent of our students and we will continue to push boundaries and promote excellence.” - Alan Thorn, Head of NFTS Games

To formulate its rankings, The Rookies engage industry-leading professionals to review student art portfolios based on creative skills, technical proficiency, presentation quality, diversity of skills, project complexity, raw talent, and employment potential. The rankings are trusted globally by students, educators, governments and industry experts and offer a true glimpse into the ever-evolving landscape of higher education in creative media.

Inspired to create gold-standard work and take your next steps towards a career in film, television and games? The last few places are available to join a specialist training course at the National Film and Television School starting in January 2024!

Visual Effects (CG) MA
Visual Effects (Compositing) MA
Games Design and Development MA
Certificate in Indie Games Development

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