NFTS Graduates Steal The Show At RTS Student Television Awards 2024

The Royal Television Society (RTS) Student Television Awards 2024 winners were announced in London on Friday 21 June, during a ceremony hosted by rapper, author and broadcaster, Guvna B. The awards showcase the talent, potential and enthusiasm of students across the UK, identifying exceptional skills and craftsmanship.


students on stage at RTS Awards


The National Film and Television School (NFTS) is thrilled to have once again taken home the most wins, receiving eight awards across the 24 categories with five NFTS graduates winning each of the craft awards including Camera Work, Editing, Production Design, Sound and Writing for the postgraduate categories. Additionally, three films achieved two awards during the ceremony - Crab Day, Jellyfish and Lobster and With Woman, with each project receiving both a craft and genre award.

Sinéad Rocks, Managing Director, Nations and Regions at Channel 4 and Chair of the RTS Student Television Awards, said: “The RTS Student Television Awards are a brilliant opportunity to recognise the next generation of industry entrants at the top of their games, who are creating dynamic, skilled films and soon to be transforming the screen industries. As we celebrate our winners and nominees, it is a reminder of the value of creating content and its ability to evoke conversation and change.”

Take a look at the winning NFTS productions

Postgraduate Animation
Crab Day

“The judges loved this fresh take on a coming-of-age story told with humor and poignancy. The beautiful and deceptively simple animation style only served to enhance the clever storytelling in this captivating short.”

Postgraduate Drama
Jellyfish and Lobster

“The jury were blown away by the technical execution of this film and felt that it delivered a powerful and emotional story. They were particularly impressed with tone; the way in which the dark and challenging subject matter was handled with levity throughout, and the filmmakers willingness to push the story in surprising and unexpected ways. They also noted the use of music and visual montage to achieve a poignant emotional effect.”


students at award ceremony


Postgraduate Factual Long Form 
With Woman

“The jurors said this film was beautiful and warm with a perfect level of intimacy. It flowed naturally, with music and sound that made it a compelling, cinematic experience that we would expect to see in the cinema.”

Postgraduate Craft Skills - Camerawork
Benjamin Kodboel - Cadaver

“The jury was impressed with how the camera was sensitive in capturing the story by not being intrusive and wasn’t shy about the darker moments that helped bring this film to life. Letting shots breathe allowed the main character to be the author of his own story and its creative cinematography brought ashore the stark realities of a forgotten society.”

Postgraduate Craft Skills - Editing
Yu-Pu Pon - With Woman

“The jury felt the use of black and white was a bold move that played off handsomely, especially when piecing together the final part of the story which showed the magical union between mother, father, and child with no unnoticeable cuts in sight. The pacing and rhythm of the editing style drive the scenes and help the film breathe and move forward at just the right moments in this winning entry.”

Postgraduate Craft Skills - Production Design
Luke Stronach - Mum’s Spaghetti

“A great production designer is worth their weight in gold and this one certainly is and more. The attention to detail and variety of design was truly stunning that if you stopped to examine each scene, frame by frame, the environment created by the designer would have been a pleasure to light and shoot.”

Postgraduate Craft Skills - Sound
Simon Panayi - Crab Day

“The jury recognized this film was exceptional. It was a challenging feat to bring a minimalist world to life, especially when sound was the driving force behind the plot and characters. There is a real purpose for the sound treatment in this film and one where the designer had to consider every single frame for the narrative of this animation to come alive.”

Postgraduate Craft Skills - Writing
Yasmin Afifi - Jellyfish and Lobster

“The dialogue and conversations between the core characters were key to bringing the personality and humour of this film to light. The jury found that this entry showed a true talent for writing where the author was able to blend in the dark nature of the film’s theme, covering sensitive issues and had the ability to bring in light and shade with some comedic moments to help bring balance against the backdrop of the two residents living in a care home.”

Congratulations to all the nominees and winning teams!

See the full list of 2024 RTS Student Award winners here:

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