Scholarships Available: UKCA Fund Next Generation Of Marketing, Distribution, Sales And Exhibition Talent

The National Film and Television School (NFTS) is pleased to continue to work closely with the UK Cinema Association (UKCA) to provide funding for our renowned Marketing, Distribution Sales and Exhibition (MDSE) MA.

The two-year, full-time course is dialled into the industry, giving students specialist knowledge, insights and hands-on work experience, as well as developing a strong network of contacts that proves invaluable throughout their careers as NFTS graduates.

A long standing partner of the School, the UKCA has provided numerous scholarships and financial support to students studying Marketing, Distribution, Sales and Exhibition, increasing the accessibility of the MA and contributing to a more diverse talent pipeline within the industry.

We caught up with two students who have recently benefited from the support of UKCA scholarship funding. Applications are currently open for our 2025 intake with funding once again generously provided by UKCA for one scholar.

Hector Lester-George was awarded a UKCA scholarship in 2023 to fund his MDSE studies and is now in his second year, which culminates with three work placements. Hector recently attended the Berlin Film Festival where he assisted NonStop Entertainment, a Scandinavian film distributor, assessing films for acquisition and even leading on buying a film!


hector at berlin film festival

Hector at Berlin Film Festival


Hector said of his scholarship; “Without the UKCA's very generous scholarship, I wouldn't have been able to accept my place at the School. My time at NFTS has already given me access to the industry on a level that would have otherwise been unreachable, and allowed me countless opportunities to develop myself professionally. I am sincerely grateful to the UKCA for all their support and am delighted that it is being continued for future students.”

In January 2024, the NFTS was pleased to welcome the latest UK Cinema Association scholar, Emma Davis, to start her training.

Emma said; “I’m hugely grateful to the UKCA for having received their scholarship this year. I feel very lucky to be an MDSE student at the NFTS. There are so many exciting opportunities here to attend industry events, gain professional experience and connections, and learn everything from selling a film/TV show/video game through to exhibiting it.

The support from the UKCA means a lot to me as it relieved many financial concerns I had around funding my course, allowing me to focus more on my studies and take proper advantage of my time here. It’s also boosted my confidence and makes my future career path feel really valued.”

Emma standing with model Gromit at the NFTS

Emma at the NFTS


Phil Clapp, UK Cinema Association Chief Executive said; “The UK Cinema Association is proud to work so closely with the National Film and Television School and their incredible Marketing, Distribution, Sales and Exhibition MA. We know how vital funding is when it comes to increasing representation within the industry and the UKCA is keen to continue to play a part in that.”

Head of the MDSE MA Clare Crean added; “The UKCA’s support of the MA is invaluable in helping us provide real-world insights to our students and the scholarships are an incredible additional springboard for many of them to take the next step in their careers.”

Applications are currently open for the NFTS Marketing, Distribution, Sales and Exhibition MA.

As a message to prospective students thinking of applying, Hector continued: “The course itself sets you up with all the knowledge and experience to become a very competitive and employable newcomer in the business, plus you get to spend two years at the NFTS working alongside the next generation of brilliant filmmakers and game developers!”

To find out more and start your application, visit

If you are offered a place on the course and meet the eligibility requirements, you will be invited to apply for the UKCA scholarship. Candidates must have been permanently resident in the UK for the last three years and hold a British passport in order to be eligible.

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