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Welcome to Channel 4 and the National Film and Television School (NFTS)’s booking page for an exciting range of Masterclasses, Training Courses and workshops – all intended to support indies and freelancers in the UK Nations and Regions.

Welcome to Channel 4 and the National Film and Television School (NFTS)’s week of Masterclasses, Training sessions and workshops – all intended to support indies and freelancers in the UK Nations and Regions.

Monday 7th March sees the start of a fantastic week of online training, where you can learn from numerous exciting names in the UK television landscape. Channel 4 has identified Digital & Innovation as the theme for the week as this is a key priority. NFTS has responded with world-class training sessions for the independent production sector. All sessions are open to everyone with no restrictions

Applications close end of day Tuesday 1st March


The New World of Digital - David Whitely & Sacha Khari: Monday 7th March @ 10am - 11.00am
Sacha Khari (Head of Digital Commissioning, C4) talks with David Whitely – comedian, broadcaster, writer and director from Birmingham – about his passion for digital media, new content and new audiences, and why digital and linear fusion is the future.
Creative Risk Taking - Adam Gee: Monday 7th March @ 11.30am - 1.30pm
Former long-time C4 Commissioning Editor, now commissioning at CAA via Little Dot and Red Bull Media House, shares case studies where risks were taken, some paying off big time, others where the rewards were more indirect. From a BAFTA-winning film shot on a phone to a documentary series focused entirely below the waist which blew up into a mega-brand, these stories from the frontline of commissioning illustrate how to take risks with the optimum degree of calculation.
NFTS: Script Development – Deanne Cunningham and Gemma Boswell: Tuesday 21st September 10am - 11am
Scripted Development with Deanne Cunningham, Head of Development at Synchronicity Films and Gemma Boswell, Commissioning Editor for Drama at Channel 4. A development producer and a Ch4 commissioner discuss the realities of the script development process, with views from both sides of the table.
Digital Content Production Processes – Anthony Browne: Tuesday 8th March 10am - 12pm

“Digital Content” is everywhere but how do you do you plan to create the right content for the right platforms? This session will explore the digital content production process and how do we make the right choices to connect  with our audiences.

Audience Insight & Development – Matt Locke: Tuesday 8th March 2pm – 4pm
How has COVID changed our attention patterns, and how has this affected the way we market our stories and build audiences? Join Matt Locke, founder and Director at Storythings and Chair of The Audience Agency to find  out.
Building Worlds with Words: Writing for Film, TV and VR – Jon Aird: Wednesday 9th March 12pm - 2pm 

In a converged world where films and TV shows are now routinely commissioned and published online alongside short form video, and VR is becoming mainstream, there are multiple opportunities for producers and writers to  create scripted projects. BAFTA Award winning Producer Jon Aird talks about his experience working with writers to create different types of linear and interactive content for digital platforms.

WTF is Digital Commissioning – Janine Smith & Evie Buckley: Wednesday 9th March 3pm – 4pm
Join Janine Smith (Digital Content Director) and Evie Buckley (Digital Commissioner) for an overview of everything C4 digital commissioning and 4Studio. From social marketing to digital extensions to original digital  commissions to audience trends and analytics, along with plenty of time for Q&A.
Why Content Producers Need To Know About AI: Thursday 10th March 10am - 12pm
This session with Dr Alex Connock will look at how many sectors of the entertainment industry are being radically changed by Artificial Intelligence - at all stages of the production process, from creation to production and  distribution. If you want to understand the media in the 2020s, you need to understand what machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing will play in the content we all see.
Short & Sweet: Producing Short Form Ent Content for Social Media and Streaming Platforms – Andre Sousa: Thursday 10th March 2pm - 4pm
Andre Sousa, Head of Digital Content at Potato, part of ITV Studios, explores the ins and outs of out to amplify entertainment TV shows on social media to drive viewers to the show. The session covers hort form formats,  branded content, AVOD short form and the ever growing vertical video space, with top tips on how to make the most of a format’s IP, keep multiple stakeholders happy and forge successful partnerships with talent.
Diversity & Inclusion - Jasmine Dotiwala: Friday 11th March  10am - 12pm
How diversity impacts creativity and why it's important to get D&I right to speak to your digital community. How can good D&I build your digital audience and create a trusted community? Jasmine Dotiwala will share an  overview of Inclusion and how it can make or break a creative campaign.
Virtual Production: A Story Telling revolution? – Prof Peter Richardson & Johnny Johnson: Friday 11th March 2pm - 4pm
Virtual Production (V.P) is set to become a ubiquitous methodology for the achievement of high quality film television and media production. A game changing development, V.P combines virtual and augmented reality with  computer generated imagery via a game-engine technology to allow production teams to see and experience scenes unfold as they are composed and captured on set, removing the barriers between live production and  Computer Generated Imagery. Prof Peter Richardson and Johnny Johnson offer an insight into how this new and exciting technology is changing the way we tell stories.

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