Intimacy Coordination for Film and TV

Intimacy Coordination for Film and TV


Embark on a comprehensive journey, on a course that will equip you with the expertise and confidence to thrive in the in-demand field of Intimacy Coordination in the UK.


Over this part time course, delivered both in person at our base in Leeds and online for specialist tutorials and 1-2-1s, you will delve into the intricacies of choreographing intimate scenes and fostering an environment of acceptable risk on set. This course empowers you to navigate the nuances of creating authentic connections while mitigating risks, preparing you to make meaningful contributions to the evolving landscape of film and television production.


Haley Muraleedharan

"As an advocate of creating achievable opportunities in the North of England and as a member of the BECTU IC training group, I’m thrilled that the NFTS have such commitment to providing this high quality, certified training in Leeds."

Haley Muraleedharan - Course Tutor

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The NFTS Certificate in Intimacy Coordination is a dynamic six-month course designed to meet the rising demands of the UK film and television industry. An emerging and important figure on set, intimacy coordinators serve as both choreographers and advocates, reshaping narratives with sensitivity and innovation.
Intimacy coordinators are choreographers first and foremost, with an aim to cultivate a set culture rooted in consent, offering unwavering support to performers and crew members throughout every stage of production. We prioritise safety, ensuring an environment where risks are managed and creativity flourishes.

Participants in this program will engage in 90 contact hours (150 hours in total), immersing themselves in a diverse community of industry professionals. There will also be opportunities to network and develop their own mentorship connections, students will refine their craft, preparing their route to becoming Intimacy Coordinators.

At the heart of our curriculum lies the opportunity for practical application across staged scenarios. Guided by expert intimacy coordinators and bolstered by peer connections, participants will develop their own choreographic style and build a comprehensive portfolio.

Throughout the programme students will complete coursework in a portfolio, as well as developing their own choreography.  

This will culminate in an assessment period and self-reflection, where choreography work and portfolios will be signed off by an independent assessor.