Star Imagine UK Shorts Incubator

Star Imagine UK Shorts Incubator


Ready to make a short film with creative support from Star?

With a focus on building a more inclusive film and television industry, Star and The National Film & Television School are looking for six experienced writer and director teams with diverse and varied perspectives, with at least one person in the team being from an underrepresented background, to make a short film as part of the Star Imagine UK Shorts Incubator programme.

Star Imagine

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“We’re so excited to launch the Star Imagine UK programme to get to work closely with up and coming filmmakers as they create authentic stories that reflect the diversity in our society, building their own skills in the process.”

Lee Jury
Senior Vice President, Studios Marketing at Disney EMEA

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For the Star Imagine UK Shorts Incubator, we welcome characters and stories that authentically reflect diversity within our society, and that feel original, surprising, and subversive. We would like candidates to apply with an original narrative script of any genre and tone that has a story thematically linked with the word ‘Evolve’. This script will be the basis of the story you will develop and produce through Star Imagine UK if selected.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the closing date for applications?

Sunday 6th November 2022

The website says you welcome applications from under-represented groups. What does that mean? 

NFTS believes there are groups (as defined in the Equality Act 2010) that are under-represented in the film and television industry.  The following are the areas of under-representation we are seeking to address under the Equality Act 2010:

- Age

- Disability

- Gender reassignment

- Pregnancy and maternity

- Race

- Religion or belief

- Sex

- Sexual orientation

In addition to the protected characteristics recognised by the Equality Act 2010, the NFTS also seeks to address under-representation in the following areas:

- Regional participation

- Socio-economic inclusion

- Caring responsibilities

If applying as a writer and director team of two do both team members need to come from under-represented backgrounds? 
No. But at least one of the two team members must come from an under-represented background 
What happens if I apply after the deadline has closed?
Your application will not be considered
Can I continue with my existing employment and participate in Star Imagine UK? 

Yes, however, this is a rigorous program and the following commitment is required: 

  • Directors - Must participate in ALL of the required activities, no exceptions. You must be available to work on a full time, first priority basis on this project during the final stages of pre-production and the period of principal photography, some of which will take place Monday through Friday.
  • Writers - The commitment for writers, though important, is less demanding, allowing for the rentention of unrelated full-time employment.
Can I apply if I am outside the UK?  
No, you must be living in the United Kingdom to apply.
Will the NFTS/Star pay my travel, housing and transportation costs during the programme? 
No, the NFTS/Star will not provide travel, housing and transportation arrangements during the programme. However it is possible to participate in the programme from anywhere in the UK. Bursary support and travel grants are available for participants who may require financial assistance to take part. 
Who owns the film once produced? 
The rights in the films will be retained by the filmmakers.  However, Star will have a licence of these rights and the first opportunity over any further productions related to the film made as part of the programme.

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