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Not getting cast, and can’t figure out why?

Can’t get out of your head?


The Meisner Technique is widely regarded as theatre's best kept secret – helping actors get out of their heads in order to behave instinctively to the surrounding environment and therefore become alive, responsive and emotionally truthful. In the first opportunity of its kind at NFTS, this short course programme based around the principle of the Meisner technique will help you stop acting, pretending and demonstrating emotion and will instead get you listening intently and following your impulses and instincts.


On this 9-day course you’ll find your acting skills will be elevated to the next level as you work both on and off camera, moving through every aspect of the Mesiner Technique and learning how to drop the bad habits that stop you from being honest in your performance. You will cover Single Word Repetition, Calling on Behaviour, Independent Activities, Knock at the Door, Emotional Preparation before moving into scenes, scripts and monologues.


Full days of training will include learning and participating in the Meisner Technique in the morning and then applying what you’ve learnt with specifically designed on-camera and theatre exercises in the afternoon.  


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Freelance Rate: £950

Corporate Rate: £1925

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