New Game Dev Talent Showcasing At EGX 2023

It’s that time of year again when The National Film and Television School (NFTS) starts our countdown to EGX, one of the UK’s biggest gaming events, where our soon-to-graduate Games Design and Development MA students will showcase their games in the Rezzed Zone from 12-15 October at ExCeL London.

The four-day expo is a celebration of all things gaming and the NFTS is proud that, during their time on our 2-year Master’s programme, our students have continued to develop dynamic and unique games of a calibre that will stand out at this epic event.

egx 2023

Gamers and industry professionals will be able to visit stands RZ20b and RZ22 in the Rezzed Zone to play six fully-developed games, comprehensively designed, developed and built by our games students over the past nine months. But they didn’t have to work alone… studying games at The National Film and Television School gives our students the unrivalled opportunity to collaborate with students on other courses including Composing, Production Design and Screenwriting, helping them create stunning artwork, sound design and storylines for their games.

Throughout the process, the games designers also team up with students on the NFTS Marketing, Distribution, Sales and Exhibition MA, who are tasked with creating marketing assets for each of the games and supporting them at EGX. Keep an eye out for posters, merch and creative social content if you plan to attend this year’s event!

The National Film and Television School is also excited to announce that an additional NFTS project will also be showcasing this year, created as part of our StoryFutures Academy Bridge to Industry scheme, which provides an opportunity for multi-disciplinary teams of NFTS graduates to make a 3-5 minute immersive project or experience with funding and creative and technical support. Tea is Served, a horror comedy VR game about Cryptids, death and tea will be available to play at EGX 2023!

At last year’s EGX we showcased Eros Xavier’s Love Solutions by Rafif Kalantan, a graduation game that went on to win this year’s BAFTA Student Award - so we can’t wait to see what this year’s games and students go on to achieve!

Find out more about the games that will be available to play this October…

Café Echoes
cafe echoes poster
Family, love, resentment...


Would you have done it differently?

Café Echoes is a story-based game set in a café where two estranged sisters, Zoe and Mia, reunite for the first time in years. Their catch-up takes them back to when they were younger, finally processing the events that lead to their division. In this co-op game, both players are given multiple options to explore and alter the past and outcome of each memory. But remembering the finer details gets difficult, so it's up to both of you to reconcile the realities of past mistakes. In this dialogue of trauma, conflict and communication, it's your choice to explore their resolution.
Deep Space Tavern
deep space tavern poster
Deep Space Tavern is a playful fusion of management and clicker gameplay. Design your tavern, attract patrons from the far reaches of the galaxy, and master the art of keeping them happy and safe. Experience the joy of management without all the hassle!

You have been selected as On-Site Recreations Manager for Deep Space Mining Outpost 86. Of the thousands of applicants, only you were deemed worthy. It's your first day! Good luck and have a grand, profitable Friday night.
Morgan: Metal Detective
morgan metal detective poster
Morgan: Metal Detective is a cosy first-person exploration game in which you play as Morgan, a teenage girl visiting the Cornish island of Glasden with her Mum after her Grandad’s passing. When you discover that your Grandad has left you his old metal detector, you take it upon yourself to investigate the legends of Glasden’s secret treasure he’d always tell you about. Explore the island and help out the local residents to learn what they know of the treasure, and with enough clues you might just be able to find it!

But is there more to this legend than just a shiny bit of metal in the ground? And why was it that your Grandad wanted you to find it?
Serpens Eternal Thievery
serpens poster
Sneaking through the cycles of darkness, searching for clues that lead closer to the truth…

Find your path in an endless cycle. In Serpens Eternal Thievery, you’ll play as a thief aiming to steal valuable items from a castle. Every clue might come from a conversation, an attempt, or an item. With countless time points and repeated cycles, how will you choose to play? Will you brandish a sword, fighting your way in, or sneak quietly in the shadows? The choice is yours.
There Was A Home
there was a home poster
A 3D narrative-driven puzzle game set amidst the cultural shift between modernism and traditionalism. Noor, returning from years abroad, is pushed into packing her family's old house. Initially hesitant and overwhelmed by the house's state, Noor's journey takes a heartwarming turn as she rediscovers the beauty and memories the home holds. As despair sets in about the home's fate, guided by an intriguing journal that leads her through various puzzles. But will Noor be able to piece together her family's past and save their cherished home?
Trash N’ Play
trash n play poster
Trash N’ Play is a three-dimensional, hybrid perspective, PC game with an education message promoting recycling. It’s set in a town that's full of trash, where kids are fighting instead of playing. Players take control of a magical vehicle that collects trash, cleans up the town and recycles it into something valuable - a place for kids to play and have fun instead of fighting. Trash N’ Play brings fun to recycling by highlighting amazing items you can make with what was once trash.
Tea is Served
tea is served poster
In Tea Is Served you find yourself as the entertainment for the annual tea party of the world’s most feared cryptids. As they shout at you from all sides, you must obey their bizarre requests until you either succeed and go free, or fail. But beware - if you fail, you might end up as dessert.


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