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"In such a short time Col will set you free as a filmmaker not just to make a film but to make an extraordinary film that will command an audience." (Sarah Gayton)

Col Spector, course tutor for Directing The Documentary, has taught documentary directing to over a 1000 people and has frequently been asked to help his students with their documentary ideas and first edits that aren’t working, and so set up a documentary consultancy service. 

The NFTS offers Col's bespoke one-to-one Documentary Surgery where you can get help if your documentary idea isn’t quite cutting it. Col is dedicated to documentary directors making films that emotionally engage with their intended audience.

The Documentary Surgery is available throughout the year and can be booked in hour slots @ £150 per hour and take place in person in central London, or on Skype.

"Col Spector is the most patient consultant I have ever experienced. He is the consummate educator in the truest sense of the word. He has that rare gift of being able to draw out what his students already know subconsciously."  (Mary Anstey)

"Col has truly helped me to make my dream project into a reality! His honest communication, which is crammed full of industry knowledge and experience, has guided me towards making a bold beautiful and deeply moving documentary." (Jacinta Powell)

"Massively insightful creating lightbulb moments that will affect my work every day. Invaluable." (Simon Gee)

"Within 4 hours you helped me cut through the complexity; focus on the important and interesting; identify suitable mechanisms to tell the story well and build a structure that works, and perhaps most importantly, this new structure will now connect this documentary with a wider audience than the narrow audience this topic first assumes. A great investment, thank you so much." (Morag Livingstone)

Let The Documentary Surgery help - please contact us directly on or give us a call on 01494 677903 before making an online application, so we can provide you with a quote and timescale!


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