Documentary Shooting

Short course

Documentary Shooting


This extremely popular course is designed for established self-shooters who wish to become more proficient in a variety of documentary shooting situations. It also aims to provide a solid grounding in the technical requirements for different media platforms, including broadcast and online.


Participants will learn how to shoot for the edit in different factual styles, including formal and unscripted interviews, uncontrollable action and dialogue, and general views.


Through a series of practical exercises in differing styles, participants will learn how to frame and operate the camera both handheld and on the tripod, record good quality sound and shoot sequences. Participants will edit some of these exercises, which will be reviewed on the final afternoon with feedback from the tutors.


Theoretical aspects will be included, such as shooting terminology, crossing the line, interviewing technique, observational theory, storytelling and legal issues, but participants should expect a lot of practice shooting and editing time during the course.


This course will cover:
- formal & informal interviews
- uncontrollable action & dialogue
- general views
- tripod & handheld operating
- composition, shot sizes, eyelines & screen direction
- exposure control and white balance techniques
- focus control including depth of field
- recording quality sound
- shooting for the edit & editing a sequence
- file formats & platform requirements


Participants will review exercises with the tutor and will be given individual feedback frequently!


Obviously cameras will be made available to course participants. However, participants' own cameras may also be used, provided that they are compatible with the course requirements. Many of the skills learnt on this course can be applied to any camera or shooting format.


Comments from past courses include:

"Fantastic course - couldn't recommend it enough"  "I never thought I could have learnt this much from a course" "I'm coming away from this course, educated, equipped, enabled and inspired"

Freelance Rate: £895

Corporate Rate: £1650


How to apply

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 If you experience any problems making your application please contact us 01494 677 903