ACES Training for Broadcast TV

Short course


This training supported by the ScreenSkills High-end TV Skills Fund with contributions from UK high-end TV productions.


Do you want to understand the benefits of ACES, and the processes involved at various stages of production?


Then apply for our FREE online training for Freelance UK based Cinematographers, DIT’s, Post Production professionals and Supervisors who have a basic knowledge of post-production techniques who are looking to work in the UK HETV Industry


Areas covered include:

  • The benefits of ACES
  • Input transforms 
  • Output transforms
  • The four key colour transforms
  • Colour spaces
  • HDR
  • Alternative colour managed workflows
  • Archiving
  • Non-ACES colour-space cameras/formats and the conversion or processing required to incorporate them (e.g. drones and archive)
  • DI pipeline and CGI/VFX integration
  • Setting up projects including ‘Nuke’
  • Exporting an EXR, taking it in to VFX and exporting back to grade
  • CDLs, ALE files and onset grading 


As part of our aim to encourage diversity and inclusivity in the screen industries, we welcome Freelance UK based applicants who define themselves as having a disability or learning difference, sole caring responsibilities, or other minority status.

Entry requirements

In order to qualify for a free place you need to be a freelancer and must demonstrate your commitment to working in the UK HETV sector upon application

Course free due to ScreenSkills funding:- This training addresses an industry skills shortage and is subsidised by ScreenSkills as an investment in the professional development of freelancers working in the UK industry, and priority will be given to those from underrepresented areas and from the regions

How to apply

Application deadline: 01 Jul 2022



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