Drama Production Management

Short course


This course provides those attending with an introduction to the principles and practices of the work involved in film and television drama production management.


The basic thread throughout the week is that participants will learn how to break down a short script which they will schedule, and have a full understanding of all the elements which go into making up the budget.


In brief, areas covered are:
• Role, function and responsibilities of a drama production manager
• Overview of breaking down and scheduling a script
• Union Agreements
• The principles of a budgeting
• Contracts
• Insurance; Completion Bonds; Health & Safety
• The Unit: on location (foreign and at home)
• Progress Reports
• Post-production 
• Organisational and Project Management Skills


The course tutor is a Drama Production Manager/Line Producer with a wealth of experience of feature film and television drama productions, and specialist speakers will also be invited to impart their knowledge.

Freelance Rate: £825

Corporate Rate: £1595

Fees and funding options

Fees for this course are as follows:

As part of our work to diversify the screen industry workforce, there is reduction in fees of up to 50% made available by our partnership with the BFI for freelancers with disabilities, who are ethnically diverse or from lower socio-economic backgrounds

Please state ‘APPLYING ADDITIONAL BFI FUNDING’ at the end of your Why do you want to attend?’ statement in order for your submission to be considered

How to apply

Application deadline:

If you experience any problems making your application please contact us shortcourses@nfts.co.uk 01494 677 903

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