Financing Your Feature Film

Short course


Delivered out of our London premises in Golden Square

There’s no “correct” or “standard” way of financing your feature. But, this course will point you in the right direction, and will attempt to answer the question at the heart of raising finance for any feature:

Is it commercial and how long will it take to get into profit?


Over this two day workshop, you will learn:

·        What makes a film worth financing

·        How investors see the aspects of the project in commercial terms

·        How sales agents and distributors view the market both domestic and international

·        Equity, pre-sales and gap financing

·        The types of deals available

·        Co-production and international deals

·        How financing calculations are constructed and how the income is shared

Just a few comments from the last course:
“What an amazing knowledgeable source”
“Tutor was inspiring. I do not know how he could have made the course better – fantastic!”
“Amazing 2 days that have taught me so much – the course is far better than I ever hoped”
“Excellent all round. Tutor was brilliant

Freelance Rate: £365

Corporate Rate: £725

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If you experience any problems making your application please contact us 01494 677 903

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