Intimacy Co-ordination Introductory Workshop

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Since the #MeToo movement, and Directors UK’s guidance, intimacy coordinators have been employed to support scenes of Nudity and Simulated Sex. What is this new role? What do they do? Where can we find them? How do they fit into the overall duty of care? And how do they work with the various departments? 

Areas covered include:-

- What the role is & why

- How they collaborate with other departments

- How to get the best out of intimacy coordinators

- Modesty garment developments on set 

- Check List for filming nudity & simulation 

- From the Actor’s perspective: issues actors may have on set during nudity or simulation scenes and how can we support and prepare for that ahead of time. 

Join Intimacy Coordinator Yarit Dor (BBC Studios, Channel 4, Netflix, Starz, Amazon) for this introductory online workshop to unveil some of the ins and outs. 


Freelance Rate: £75

Corporate Rate: £155

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