Introduction to Filmmaking on a Microbudget

Short course


Do you have a burning desire to make a feature film but are daunted by the sheer scale of your ambition?

This 5 day micro-budget filmmaking course strips away the mystique of film production and shows that anyone with drive and passion can produce and sell a feature film. It is specifically geared towards those working in the industry who no longer want to just talk about making a feature, but actually want to get down to the nitty-gritty and actually make a feature film.

Led by multi-award winning film producer Bruce Windwood*, the course explodes the myth that filmmaking is a ‘dark art’ and explains in a very practical nuts and bolts way, how to make and then sell your micro-budgeted film. The course will be full of invaluable industry insider tips, allowing participants a unique insight into the real, rather than perceived, world of independent filmmaking.

The course will cover as much ground as possible, so that participants gain a broad understanding of the whole film-making process – from story and script development right through to the key areas of marketing and distribution. There will also be on-going opportunities for Q&A, allowing participants to deal with specific queries and concerns as and when they arise.

*Bruce Windwood is an independent film producer, scriptwriter and director based in Oxfordshire. His micro-budgeted feature film, “12 In A Box” (co-staring Miranda Hart), has picked up international sales, won three awards and been critically acclaimed by the likes of ‘The Los Angeles Times’ and ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ along the way.