Budgeting on Movie Magic

Short course


This course will give you a thorough working knowledge of how to use Movie Magic Budgeting. It is aimed at those looking to transform their producing skills by learning how to use this product to its full potential.


Participants will have individual, hands-on access to the computers throughout the course.


The course covers, among other things:
• Selecting a format for your budget
• Entering your budget data
• Navigating the Top Sheet, Account and Detail levels
• Fringes
• Using sub-groups
• Coping with foreign currencies
• Amending your budget
• Redrafting your budget
• Printing from MM

NB: This course will be taught on V7 as opposed to V10, however the principles using the two softwares are identical, and the tutor with highlight any differences and present visual comparisons

Freelance Rate: £225        Corporate Rate: £450

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