NFTS Leeds: Introduction to Working in the Assistant Directors' Department

Short course


This intensive course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to pursue a successful future career in the Assistant Directors department.  The course will be taught by industry 1st AD and NFTS AD Course Leader, Richard Lingard. Richard is also Chair of the Assistant Directors' Guild UK.

This 2-day course will be delivered in person, combining classroom learning and practical exercises.

The course will cover:

- An overview of the current UK Film and HETV industry.
-The roles and responsibilities of each member of the ADs’ department in pre-production and during the shoot
-Where the department fits in with production and how to work collaboratively with other departments
-Paperwork used by the production, including department-specific documents
-Set protocol, etiquette and communication skills
-How to use and break down a script
-How to produce a shooting schedule
-The skills required to be a capable and successful Assistant Director
-Health & Safety from the 1st Assistant Director’s perspective and COVID-19 protocols

This course is for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the Assistant Director’s department.

Fees and funding options

Fees for this course are as follows:

Freelance Rate: £365
Corporate Rate: £565


How to apply

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