Production Design: The Talents Behind A Film Set

2 hours Evening session - 6.30pm to 8.30pm Part-time

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Production Design: The Talents Behind A Film Set

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Being a Production Designer is not an easy task. It is a position that requires talent, extensive knowledge and endurance - but is the most rewarding and enchanting aspect of the film industry. 

This course is for everyone aspiring to become a Production Designer.

The session is lead by Production Designer Mari Lucaccini who has multi-decades experience in the film industry.

Mari has developed a broad range of skills working in Film, Drama, Docu-Drama and Commercials. 
Her art is totally dedicated to the image on screen and to the culture and history behind every story and character. 

Her main goal is delivering the ultimate visual look of the film, depicting the true period of time, while collaborating with the Director, Cinematographer, Costume and Make-Up Department. 

As an Artist, I respect and believe in every form of expression. I am capable of looking outside the box and create something real or something visually unexpected “ Mari Lucaccini