Short course


The aim of the two days is for participants to understand the responsibilities of the Supervising Art Director.

This will include breaking down a script, budgeting, the relationship between labour and materials, identifying the division of labour in the Art Department and the demands of the other related departments.

In brief, areas covered are:

  • Role function and responsibility of the Supervising Art Director
  • Assisting the Production Designer and recruitment of the Art Department
  • Breaking down the script and evaluating the schedule. with a view to preparing a budget
  • Control of the Art Department budget and management of labour within the department
  •  Liaising with the Production Department via the Art Department. Overview of clearance matters
  • Liaising with Previs/Concept Art/ SFX
  • Health and Safety

The course tutor is a working Art Director and Production Designer with a wealth of experience of feature film and television drama productions.

Freelance Rate: £295

Coroporate Rate: £575

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