Visually Expressive Directing

Short course


The emphasis on this course is on visually expressive directing which will be analysed and discussed with the aim to sharpen directors’ ability to make visual choices from a screenplay and fine tune their shot progression choices and is aimed at individuals who have made one or two narrative shorts and want to take it to the next level or who are experienced in screenwriting but don't know how to translate that to screen

This course will leave participants with a strong grasp on how camera movement and the juxtaposition of images affects the way a viewer feels. 

The course will include, amongst other things:

  • An in depth exploration of a director’s visual obligations based on the source material, and how to identify and interpret key dramatic turning points.
  • A deep shot-by-shot analysis of visually expressive directors such as Scorsese, Kubrick, Lynne Ramsay, Hitchcock etc. 
  • Analysis of screenplays and how they were visually translated to film.
  • Constructive criticism and group discussion of participants’ own short films or directing exercises in terms of shot choices. 
  • Analysis of different common visual techniques across the genres of comedy, drama, thrillers and horror. 

This course is delivered by Toby Fell-Holden a British writer-director based between New York and London. He has taught filmmaking and masterclasses at Columbia, NYU, MetFilm, Queen Marys University, and he is a visiting fellow at Arts Uni Bournemouth.   He is a Screen International Star of Tomorrow for 2016 and a Film London Lodestar of 2020, and has been awarded fellowships from the Moving Picture Institute and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Freelance Rate: £395

Corporate Rate: £795