Directing The Comedy

Short course


Comedy is a serious business. It’s easy to get it wrong and hard to get it right. As Ricky Gervais once said about the state of comedy filmmaking in the UK: We have a good tv comedy track record but it doesn’t usually translate to the big screen.”

This two–day seminar based workshop is for anyone who wants to direct comedy shorts or features. It aims to reveal the crucial steps to making distinctive comedy films that will connect with an audience.

If you have a script or outline for a short or a feature you are invited to bring these along to work on.

DAY ONE looks at the first things you need to do as a director: working on the script, finding the theme of your film (and subtext of your scenes), discovering who your characters are, and knowing what sort of film you are making.

DAY TWO looks at the final stages for you as a director; from casting, to rehearsing, to planning the shoot, to deciding the shots, to editing.

Below are just a few of the many subjects covered:

  • Writing your logline
  • What do you have to say as a director?
  • The difficulty of writing a comedy script
  • The difficulty of reading a comedy script
  • Directing the romantic comedy
  • Casting your film
  • The difficulty of finding a great leading comedy actor
  • To storyboard or not to storyboard?
  • Finding your appropriate visual style

Comments from last course include:

“Tutor was enthusiastic & engaging”  “Really practical & inspiring!”  “Amazing course – thanks so much”  “Left full of enthusiasm” 

In order to make the course most beneficial please come armed with a couple of your own ideas that you can work on throughout the 2 days!

Freelance Rate: £375

Corporate Rate: £725

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