Directing The Sitcom

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Directing The Sitcom

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“Directing is the high wire act of all film jobs.”

This is a one week course focusing on the job of the director throughout the one week production schedule of a typical sit-com. We will cover in detail the process of producing one episode of a sit-com from pre-production through to live taping of the episode.

It is a hands-on classroom based course involving working with actors, creating camera shot lists for the script, and executing the shooting of a scene from an existing sit-com script. Each student will get multiple opportunities to sit in the director’s chair while their classmates observe and then provide commentary, observations, and hopefully constructive criticism. The emphasis on this course is on the director and what is expected of her/him from the actors to the producers, the writers, and the network.

Andy Cadiff has directed over 650 episodes of multi-camera comedies and 50 pilots. He also directed three feature films (two of which were produced in the UK by Academy Award winning producer David Parfitt).  In 2008, he directed the feature, “A Bunch of Amateurs”, starring Burt Reynolds, Derek Jacobi and Imelda Staunton. The film was selected for the 2008 Royal Film Performance for the Queen. Before moving to the UK in 2022, Andy taught TV production and Directing Comedy at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles.