Head of Production

Short course


With the growth of super-indies, the role of Head of Production has become a job with substantial responsibilities and rewards.  

So how do you get there?

This course is aimed at Production Managers / Line Producers who are ready to make the leap into the role of HoP and are looking to consolidate their knowledge and familiarise themselves with new responsibilities.

Areas covered include:
Making the transition to HoP
The Responsibilities of an HoP
Managing People
Overseeing Projects
The HoP and Company Matters
Managing Your Workload

What people have said about this course:
"Tutor was excellent and engaging. It was hugely useful & will benefit my company for sure"
"Excellent use of my time"
"I feel what I have learnt will have an impact not only on my personal development but also my companies development"


Freelance Rate: £350 

Corporate Rate: £695