Introduction to Intimacy Coordination

2 days 10.00am - 5.00pm Full-time

Leeds In person

Application deadline 25 Sep 2024

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Introduction to Intimacy Coordination

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The role of the Intimacy Coordinator has become and continues to be an integral role on film and television productions. This course will allow you to understand the roles and responsibilities of the Intimacy Coordinator and apply the techniques and guidelines to your work.

During this interactive 2 day course, you will develop your skills and confidence to support the wellbeing of actors during intimate scenes and provides professional safeguards to ensure the set is comfortable, safe and creative.

During this course, you will cover the following:

- The Old Approach

- Getting better at intimacy on screen

- Creating a culture of consent

- Desexualising the process

- Choreography

- Tools and techniques

- Modesty garments

- Production logistics 

- Risk assessments

- Legalities

This course will be delivered through a variety of directed teaching and practical exercises and will involve actors at various points throughout the course.